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Default PT broken when paid for

My family and I were on a road trip between New Orleans and Biloxi, MS this past weekend. The first fifty mile was uneventful. Two miles from the Mississippi state line my tach stop working so I drove with the RPM gage, minutes later I felt a slight jerk. My car did not lose power and I was able to maintain my current speed of 75 mph. Two miles past the Mississippi state line I was able to pull into the visitor center where I checked the engine for smoke and smell. The engine idle was smooth but the check engine light was on, so I decided to continue the remainder of the trip, approx 60 miles. Returning to the wheel I shift the gear box to reverse and then to drive and there were no movement. I continued with my trip in another car and towed the PT to my home the next day instead to a dealership or transmission shop. I would like to trouble shoot the switches before paying a dealership or a transmission shop. Anyone have suggestions? By the way, I made my last payment and received my title last week. Bad timing because I planed to trade it this week. Thanks for any input.
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