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Default 2002 PT Intermittent Starting Problems, Very Long, Goes Back 3 Years

New to this forum, I have been reading it off and on for a couple of years. I bought my PT new in April of 2002, I love this car and would love getting to the bottom of the starting problems that began in 2004, many things have been done to her but I feel something has been missed and hopefully someone here has had a similar problem that could lead me to the solution. The starting problem happened to the best of my recollection in 2004 while under the basic 3/36000 warranty. The starting problem was I unlock car with key fob, get in turn key, nothing, light on instrument panel on, no cranking sound just nothing. Took it to my dealer and of course could not "duplicate problem", I was told if it happens again try rocking the vehicle forward and back and try to start again. As it happened, that did work a time or two, then it didn't. (I am still curious why that fellow told me that, anyone else been told this?) Then I was told when it happens again, have it towed in. A couple of weeks later, again no start, had it towed to dealer, was told it is the starter, it was replaced, no charge. In December of 2005, happens again, now is out of basic warranty, I price the dealer and a local garage, choose local garage, get starter replaced, local mechanic says bottom bolt on starter was missing, which probably caused this starter failure. She works fine until September of 2006, starting problems again, I get charging sytem checked, again at local mechanic and replace the battery. She is good, no problems until January of 2007, then the same starting problems, now I replace the alternator, at same local mechanic. Which brings me to two weeks ago, December 4th, in my driveway, no start, I get a jump, get to work, the fellows there check the battery with a tester, discover much corrosion on the terminals, clean them up, we get a new battery go to start and nothing. We ended up jump starting her and she was fine until this past Saturday evening, December 15th, I went to start her up and the same thing, I opened the door pushed her back and forth two times got back in and she started right up???$$####****(There is that rocking thing again!!!). Drove home, started her up the next day, no problem. Monday, yesterday, she starts up, I go to work. I leave work, turn the key, nothing! I have one of the guys at work get in to see what she does, they are now all involved, he experiences the turn key, nothing phenomenon. The rest of the guys come out and see the same thing. We decide to jump start her, but itdoes not happen right away, they reve the engine of the car jumping her and finally she starts. I head off, knowing I have two stops before I make it home. The first one, I leave the car running, the second is for gas and I turn it off. I have paid at the pump, get in and turn key nothing. I rock her forward and back and try again, nothing. Note: Since the new battery two weeks ago, I purchased a Black and Decker, inside the car battery booster that uses your lighter or power outlet to jump your battery, and a roadside emergency kit with jumper cables, I figured I would be OK either way if it happened again. Well, I pulled out the booster and could not get it to work it kept beeping no matter what I did acc on, etc. then I went to the jumper cable and tried to find a kind soul to give me a jump, I found one, we hooked up the cable to the designated negative and positive posts that I have become so familiar with and nothing, I had him reve his car as they had just done 35 minutes earlier when I left work and nothing!! We tried a couple of more times, nothing. I thanked him and sat pondering my prediment. I decide I would try to rock her forward and back again, by now I was pretty miffed, so I guess I rocked pretty hard, turned the key and voila, she started right up!!%%$$&&!!!!
I am so hoping that one of you kind souls has some nugget of insight or experience that will help me with this so perplexing mystery! As I said before, I truly love this car, but lately she has not left me with a warm fuzzy feeling, I want to know I can count on her, but I somehow feel I am missing something. After reading this forum, I think it could be connected to the anti theft system, but then why would jump starting work one time, then not another. any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to view my very long story. I look forward to any tips you all might have. Cheers and Happy Holidays!
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