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Default Isolating cylinder misfire issue

I need some group think here. In another thread (#1 cylinder misfire) I ganged on and started discussing a similar problem. Now, I think that I have gathered enough information to start isolating the issue.

On my '07 Cruiser Touring I've been getting a 304 code (#4 cylinder misfire) for several weeks now. I got a code reader and have been reading and resetting it to try and figure out what is going on. In a nut shell here it is:

I get the check engine light to come on at idle WHEN THE ENGINE IS WARM OR HOT. Usually shortly after start or when at idle. After resetting, I can start the car then drive off. If I don't have to stop or idle the light and code don't come back on...until I slow down at a stop light. Then the light will come on, it will blink for a while, then as I drive away it may go out. It did this several times yesterday.

Today, after resetting this morning, I was able to complete a 150+ mile trip without any codes or lights. After letting the car sit for a couple of hours this evening, I drove over to get some dinner and the caution light came on and stayed on, again.

Also, by keeping the RPMs up slightly, I can keep the caution light from coming on. (Take the car out of gear when pulling up to a stop sign or light.) Tach shows about 600 to 700 RPM when the caution light comes on. Idle is slightly rough, not much, just slightly. Engine is smooth when under way. Power is adequate (for a 4 cyl) and fuel consumption is running between 20 and 24 MPG on the road. Getting about 20 around town.

So, the question for the group is, What component(s) could cause this fault code (#4 cylinder misfire)? I want to take it into a local shop and have them do the work (I am away from home on a temp assignment and won't be home for several months).
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