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Default Re: boost controller

Originally Posted by TommyBlazin View Post
i put one in yesterday, i have a 2005 auto pt gt, i have intake done, and in 2 weeks, turbo will be rebuilt,ported, cleaned, and a 3' o2 housing right after, w/a high flow cat 3'' down-pipe to stock exhaust for now, i have to research good cat backs, haven't gotten that far yet, with these units, if i drive in auto-stick mode it spikes maybe 13 or a lil more, and hold's a steady 9-10 psi, NICE, if i leave in auto and punch it without looking at boost gauge im sure it could spike over 20psi, NOT so good, i know controller is cheap thrills, but driven right, at the moment, ive gotten some thrill rides outta her, what do ya'll have these set at that use them,?btw when my in-tune comes in and pipes etc, i will be removing, this is just a :quick-fix: if you will..thank-you, as told by respected member its a hand grenade, and i can see how, but i'm being responsible with ti, just nice to have this much more kick in the ass....did drilled rotors and ceramic brakes yesterday as well, oh yea, 1' wheel spacers around, car looks more aggressive and actually handles a little better, sway bars on list as well as shocks to lower MAX 1.75/1.5
I think the phrase from that member pertaining to that universal manual boost controller was a hand grenade with the pin pulled?

I do not think that you are going to find many if any members that use them?

You might save up and get a NOS kit for a safe 50+ shot thrill ride.
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