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Originally Posted by RJ504 View Post
Hi, I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Touring Edition that has its shared of problems. It has 128,000 miles. It is to be my A to B car for getting back and forth to work. Where do I begin? The first problem that i'm having is that the car doesn't start on the first try. It attempts then cuts off. It always starts on the second try. Secondly, there is a cloud of white smoke that comes from the tailpipe once the car starts. It only happens upon starting. Thirdly, there is a whining noise when I drive that sounds like its coming from under the hood. Some have mention that it could be a belt of some kind, or solenoid, or water pump or valve going bad. I checked under the hood to see what it could be. I start by checking the fluids, then I decide to remove the engine cap and the oil dip stick at the same time and all of a sudden the whining noise stops. When I go to replace the engine cap and or the oil dip stick then noise starts again. I noticed that there is a suction noise like air is begin sucked into the engine and again the whining noise stops but once I place my hand over or restore the cap the whining noise begins again.

Can someone out there help me with my problems before I go spend money I don't have? Thanks!
Do you have a turbo?

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