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Default Re: help blowing white smoke

Originally Posted by spartan45 View Post
i got an 01 pt whipple charged. changed coil to accel and changed plug wires. couldn't get plugs out so i left them. started it up went for ride. stumbles while on throttle but idles fine. get on it and it seems to dump fuel and want to die while blowing white smoke from tailpipe. smells real rich. went home and put original coil back on...still problem remains. car sat with battery disconnected for 3 hours while i worked on it also. is the ecu trying to relearn or is it pissed at me.
gonna go back out and put original plug wires back in see if that helps. oh and no cel comes on no whipple warning light flashing no weird noises. i'm stumped.

The ECU does not re-learn from having the battery disconnected. Carefully go over your work. Look for anything that may have been disconnected or broken accidently while replacing parts. If you can see what DTC (engine codes) using a diagnostic scanning tool at the OBDII diagnostic port. Your problems will show a code(s). If you are using the key entry to acquire it may not always work.

Hopefully, and I am sure it is something simple and just overlooked.
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