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Default Re: Main Seal Leaking, What to do?

So this is an old thread (well a few months at least), but I'm curious about something. I haven't had the repairs done yet, due to the cost of them. I've driven the car every day, and haven't had any issues with the oil light coming on . The weekend that this happened, I drove 360 miles one day, and about 50 over the next two days. Then, I drove 80 miles and the oil light came on. Prior to that, I had some mechanical work done (shocks, struts, a new rack and pinion, and brakes).

I've probably put at least 1,500 miles on the car since April, if not more.

The thing I'm wondering is this: is it logical to think that all that driving I did in one weekend was enough to lower the oil enough to set off the light--but the 1,500+ miles I've put on since wasn't enough to do it again? Or should I be considering the idea that the mechanic messed up somewhere along the lines?

I'm asking because 1) I'm going to a different mechanic this Friday for an oil change, and 2) I'm going to be driving another 300 miles next weekend + whatever driving I do there, and 300 miles back home. So I'm worried about whether I'm going to have any issues again or not. I'm doing the oil change right before, so that I *hopefully* won't be a quart low when I travel.

I guess basically I'm asking if putting 400 miles on in a three day period would cause more oil to leak through the main seal than putting 1,500 miles (mainly city) on in four months would. More or less, so I know whether I need to check the oil every time I start the car on my upcoming trip or not.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'm going to be working up to getting these repairs done as soon as possible.

Have a great day.
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