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Default Re: Main Seal Leaking, What to do?

I'll try to hit on everyone's replies here. When the mechanic had it up on the lift (after the oil light came on), you could see oil on the bottom of the engine. They're the ones who said it was the main seal. And that was the first time anyone ever said a thing to me about it.

The reason I had the other work done, and not it was two-fold. One, the mechanics never said anything, and two I'm working from a limited budget. So I couldn't (and still can't) afford the extra expenses. I should note that I haven't taken the car back to them since. There were too many coincidences for me to trust them. Like two days after I had the shocks/struts/rack changed, my engine overheated. It was the radiator cap, which was bad. (Haven't had a problem since, but it could also contribute to this). And I should note that I shut the car down before it got to the redline. It barely got to the next line above half, and I could smell anti-freeze. Then two weeks after, I had the oil light come on... (Again, hasn't happened since)

As for oil leaks, I haven't noticed anything. Also I should note that I park the car slightly downhill (except for occasions when I have to pull in forward). I'm not sure if that would make a difference in seeing the leaks or not though. I haven't noticed any smoke either (or the other usual signs of using oil--except the notes about it being a quart low at every oil change).

I haven't checked my mileage yet (keep forgetting), but I can tell you that I average about 120 miles every two weeks or so of driving. It's all mainly city driving.

The one question I have for the people recommending that I put something in (Lucas, Marvel Mystery Oil, Oil Stop, etc) is will the amount that I put in add a lot to the oil level? I ask, because JDB mentioned not overfilling it, and I don't have anywhere to dump oil out at. I live in an apartment, so I can't do my own work on the car. Plus, I'm not very mechanically inclined (although I have helped tear apart and rebuild an older car about 25 years ago).

I'll get something and put it in tonight or tomorrow morning. And I'll see what the mechanics that I'm taking it to on Friday have to say. I had them do some work on the car in the past, and I trust their judgement more than the big-name store that I had do it before (regretfully I do have to say Walmart was one, but the mechanics who worked on the struts, etc was Blain's Farm and Fleet).

Thanks for your answers and opinions on this. Have a great day.
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