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Default Cars away for awhile

While some of you put your cars away for the winter, I have a different purpose. On Tuesday next week I'm going in for major back surgery. The surgeon tells me it's a routine procedure. I'm going to end up with some metal/screws on my spine.

He said he's done this procedure hundreds of times and since I'm in good physical shape, everything should go as planned without any problems.

Different from surgeries a long time ago, my instructions are to sit in a straight chair no more tan 30 minutes at a time and to start to walk from the very first day after surgery. I'll be home the next day and I bought a second-hand chair (called a wing chair) for the very purpose. High straight back, resting arms, hard flat seat which I strengthened with a board.

I also bought a new high-tech bed for a little over $1000 which my wife almost went into shock over but I told her you get what you pay for and after a couple nights she loves it.

I'm to get up every 30 minutes during the day, and walk a little bit further each time, not over doing it and to stop if the pain starts up. I'll be on some narcotic pain killers so that should make things easier.

I took both my cars for a 30+ mile drive after throwing in a bottle of Chevron Techron. Back in the garage and covered up. Can't drive for at least a month or more depending on my recovery. Both cars are hooked up to a float charger to keep the batteries charged. If you look closely, you can just see the charger cord going into the drovers window in each car. The pt charger is on the ceiling so it comes straight down.

I'll be able to sit by the computer for short periods but I also have the iPad that was given to me by some of you and the mini-iPad with camera and face time capability so I can talk and see my grandkids in real-time. So I'll be monitoring the forum probably as much or more than I do now with so much time on my hands.

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