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Originally Posted by NitroPT View Post
Belonging to more than one vehicle platform I find it amusing when on forums there is a complaint about the vehicles turning radius?

It makes me wonder how so many get by day to day just simply driving their vehicle.

It is a matter of knowing and learning the capabilities of the vehicle you are driving and adjusting for different needs. i.e. how much it takes to make a successful 180 degree turn.

I would never go flying in a small plane without first asking everyone weight and doing my rate of claim tables. Nor would I attempt to make a u-turn if the radius required was to short for the vehicle I was driving? Both could have really bad end results.

I (we=wife) just recently picked up a 09 MINI. I went to a large parking lot and gave my wife lessens in driving the newest addition to the household.

This included parallel parking, stop starts, moderate and hard accelerations and braking and.....U-TURN capabilities!

Some day getting a driving licence will be more in line with getting a Pilots license! It will not be easy as a simple 30 word multiple choice test and a ride along with a grumpy DMV employee! You will actually need to demonstrate some actual driving skills before getting the licence!!!!!!

Well I 100% agree but here in Missouri I think they will pass anything that is breathing
When i went for my CDL the guy in frount of me told the lady I cant read the test some one will ahve to read it to me????I am not in any way making this up
I was sitting next to them and the lady actually read and EXPLAINED WHAT EACH QUESTION MENT

That is simply WRONG btu he passed so now we get to share thr streets with a guy who cant read

Back on the turning radius my 06 na is a little wider than i would like it to be but its way less than my 04 Silverado 2500 and I have just klearned give yourself plenty of room
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