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Default Re: 03 Lift Gate Handle Rust Prevention

Originally Posted by Busted_PT View Post
First that stuff is junk. Discovered that back in the 70's. I was very young at the time lol. Any way the guide coat is just a light dusting of a contrasting color spray over the primed area. You don't need any full coverage. Just an visable over spray. You then block sand the it off. You want to block sand in a crosshatch pattern to be sure your getting it straight in all directions. Low areas and pits will retain some of the guide coat. If you sand to the point that you begin to remove to much primer over that area and still have areas with guide coat showing. It may be necessary to reprime and guide coat again. If you block all the guide coat off and only have a a few bare places just reprime and sand for finish coat. This helps you get the surface flat and helps you to see the low areas as you go.

The first 9 pages show some body work and a example of the guide coat in use. There is more but that should get you going on that question you asked. Things are spread out all through the thread.

Busted_PT project 1
Do you have any recommendations for rust with the frame itself? I have no bad rust, but I've noticed my control arms have peeling paint, and my suspension support crossmemember on the passenger side (where the torque strut connects) has peeling paint and light surface rust starting. :/ (want this car to stay good and not die.)(The rust belt sucks.)

Is it better to try to blend the paint on the hatch with the old stuff? Or just draw a line somewhere? Whenever I use lines from tape or something, theres always a ridge where the new paint sticks up higher. ><

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