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Default Re: Head Gasket Testing

There are really to many variables to consider why so many claimed false reading using the Bock Tester. In all the years using it I have never had a false reading. I have used it to test at least a few PT Cruisers for customers as well mine in the last 3 years and never had a problem.

The only way to have confirmed a false reading would have been to follow up using an emissions sniffer at the tali pipe. The ones used for Emission testing which would have been the best way to check for not only for a possible blown head gasket or cracked head but to confirm the Chemical Block tester.

Frankly without trying to point the blame I would have to say it was user error. Unless one of the companies that packages and supplies the Block Tester for years can show any cause other then a contaminated tube or error in application the Block Test method is still the cheapest and quickest way to determine combustion gases in the cooling system.

I would really rather hear from members that take the time to contact a supplier of the Block Tester to report a qualified response rather then those looking on the internet for the answer!!

To conclude my response I would still highly recommending the use of a Block Tester if you suspect a blown head gasket. Read and follow the instruction for its use carefully.

Ron 1 or 2 days is not really a guarantee the problem was solved. Lets see what he tells you in a few day of his normal driving .y
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