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Default Re: Chromenut has passed

sorry to hear that, he had done a few pictures of my cruisers for me, like my id picture.
now no offense but according to the bible, if you believe in such thing. Taking ones own life doesnt earn you a way into the righteous gates of heaven. sooooooo....the people saying theres more road up there and such. Not really
My uncle recently took his own life by hanging himself with a belt on a door handle. while I regret things like this happening. I can say I really have no sympathy for the person who thought things were bad enough. Yes sad to see them go, but the way its done? not so
2005 n/a 5 speed. 177365 miles. spectre cold air intake, white and pink leds under dash and back seats, purple leds in vents, wall with 1 18" subwoofer built behind back seat(soon to be either 16 American bass vfl8's or 4 18's with the wall rebuilt all the way to behind the front seats,cant wait!!!), blue dash lights, pink turn signal indicators. 3D tails and tinted backup lights. Power antenna (that no longer has power ha!) another one gone but wont be forgotten

2003 gt turbo. 130245 miles. autostick, mopar riceplate, 3" o2 housing and downpipe. custom diablo tune (totaled, gone but not forgotten)

2003 dream cruiser. autostick, mopar body kit, mopar bov, cai. s1 injectors. mopar s1 pcm. 3" 02 housing and downpipe installed from last turbo, upper IC hardpipe more on its way soon.......... diablo tuner in the near future.
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