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Default For Sale: 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Black (base model)

Hi guys, I truly hate to sell it but I'm selling it. I'm in a money crunch with a pending divorce and a pending move out of the country for work relocation for at least the next two years, so I have no reason to keep it. I'll be moving this coming summer.

Ad with photos will be up in the next couple of days, as I just decided to do this a few minutes ago. It needs detailed badly and I want it looking good before I put up the real ad with photos (I'll just amend this post). But for now I'm just gauging interest, and /or letting any early birds know.

You can all view my previous threads on this site for questions I had about issues, repairs, etc.

DETAILS: Black 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible, base model. No upgrades to the car at all. This includes no cruise control. Automatic transmission, cloth interior. Non-turbo. "X" series VIN.
Current Mileage is 165K. (I'll get the exact number in a bit).
Bought new at a Chrysler dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. I live in New Mexico now, but except for the past two and a half years, this has been a cold weather Cleveland car, and was winter garaged only about half the time. So it has seen road salt etc. In New Mexico, it has been under a carport, out of the sun about half the time. I drove it a lot here in sunny NM.
Price is $2200.

***Clean and clear New Mexico title.
***Non-smoker car. I suspect my daughter's friend smoked in it a few times several years ago, but that's it.
***Transmission is terrific. Recently flushed and filter changed about 4K ago. Mechanic friend says it was in great shape when he opened it up.
***Still steers and handles well.
***Bought a new Interstate battery for it last month. Starts right up.
***Heater is great. So is the rear defrost. AC blows well, but definitely needs a recharge.
***Top retracts and returns great with no problems. Latch for opening and closing the top is great.
***Some obvious wear on the drivers seat, but interior is in very good shape. Seats recline and move around just fine. Rear seating area is terrific: hardly ever used.
***No leaks around the top, Still nice and airtight (maybe on VERY windy days you hear a little bit of air around the tops of the windows) but only then. For a ten year old convertible, pretty great.
***Timing belt was changed about 40K ago, along with new plugs and wires, and a new Mopar water pump and belts etc., when the engine got replaced. So segue to....
***There is a second engine that I got when the car was at 125K. It had 70K on it. So now the car is at 165K and the second engine has 110K. However, I have nothing to prove this was done, as it was done by a terrific retired service manager, who did the work "under the table" in his personal garage. I trust him like no mechanic I've ever known, but he's a bit paranoid about the tax man and would not write me a receipt and I paid cash. I have no paperwork to back this up, and he will give me none, even though I asked...again, a bit paranoid but a helluva mechanic and still a good guy. (It was an engine he had for his mother in law's car and they ended up not using it, and since he had machined it and made it perfect on the engine stand, I took the deal. I think I paid $1500 including the labor) So there's two ways to look at this: if you do not trust me (partly understandable) the car has 165K. If you do trust me, the engine has 110K. Long story, I know, but I'm just putting this all out there.
***The same guy replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter about 10K ago. Again, no proof. I didn't see me selling the car ever, and didn't think it a big deal. Honor system again, on that one, if you please.
***The engine runs great, and sounds good too. Runs great in town or highway. Will drive it 80 mph all the time on the interstate to town and it is great.
***No sun damage to paint or body of car
***Have replaced certain small things such as camshaft sensor and oil pump sensor, motor mount, etc
***Exhaust system is good (and quiet), would pass emissions test no problem.
***I have lots of receipts. I kept most of the paperwork, even for oil changes (usually done at a Chrysler dealer)

***It could use some tires. I'd say they're at 50%, though there is a brand new one on the driver's side front that I bought last week. The tires are Goodyear Eagle LS.
***It's a ten year old car, driven mostly in NE Ohio. There is some surface rust by the left rear wheel well, and visible. I have sanded it and primered and coated it to help the appearance last summer. It is maybe three inches wide and four inches long, about the size of a Hershey bar. It has not worn through. as far as I can tell. A cut and patch job should address the issue. THIS SEEMS TO BE ISOLATED AND IS THE ONLY SUCH SPOT ON THE CAR. That is the only rust issue on the car anywhere. The move to NM seems to have helped stop the spread of it. No growth since we moved out here.
***Other body issues include a small two inch dent by the right rear window, smaller nicks and dents by the front wheel well, and some paint loss under the doors, maybe an inch or two. And of course the usual tiny nicks and such by the nose of the car. For a decade-old car, not a big deal really. All fixable.
***There is a small tear on the top of the cloth convertible roof ON THE INSIDE caught a cardboard box and ripped. Maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inch long. Does not leak, and the outside of the roof is great. Just a small tear on the inside. Affects nothing, unless you're picky.
***Nice long scrape on the chrome/plastic airbag cover on the passenger side dash. I was moving something sitting in the passenger seat and it just caught it.
***It has been in a fender bender or two, and Carfax will bear this out. But nothing major. It's been a while so I will have to look when and where. All work by a terrific body guy in Cleveland...I'm sure I have the receipts.
***The factory radio works great, but the single disc CD player does NOT.
***Both lighted vanity mirrors on both sun visors work, but the covers that keep the light off have broken on both visors. So I unscrewed them and unclipped the wiring harnesses. I still have the originals but they need replaced. A common issue with PT's apparently.
***This is the second windshield, and they did a crap job of seating it and sealing it. I have taken it back three times and they can't get it right. So as a result, two or three times a year water will seep in by the rear view mirror, usually in a self service car wash. Next time, just don't have a local idiot replace your windshield: lesson learned. A quality dedicated windshield service will fix it in about half an hour. The glass is fine.
***Wheels have some nice nasty scrapes from curbing. But they're functional.
***It could use new front brakes. It's not scraping yet, but it's coming. Bought the pads and hardware and I'll throw them in, just haven't put them on.
***The suspension all around it has really taken a beating from our rural New Mexico roads. It's ok now and could maybe even go another year, but to replace it all (bushings, struts, shocks, etc) would be a wise move in the future. I'm just hearing clicking and squeaking I never used to hear before when I hit bumps, etc. I'm also thinking things like tie rods and ball joints should be investigated as a result. But all in all, I think it's ok. But I had already posted on here a few months back about replacing it all, and I still would if I was to keep it. NONE of it has been replaced, it's all the original stuff from point of purchase a decade ago.

I'm asking $2200.

And a thank you to all on this site who have helped me with issues with the car over time. When I return (loaded with overseas cash) I plan on getting another one without a doubt. It surely took care of my "convertible fix" over the last decade.

I've tried to be as honest with absolutely every little picky-picky issue I could think of, because I know you guys know these cars and their issues after being on this forum for a while now.

It drives great and looks pretty good and it sure is fun.

Any questions or interest? PM me. I'll be sad, but this is needed. AND I need to sell it rather I'm motivated, but not desperate. ("Makes a great Christmas gift for that special someone!")
2005 PT Cruiser Convertible, base model/nonturbo, 105K miles (second engine), 165K miles on the vehicle
New Mexico

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