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Wanted to update the post. The mechanic had the car at his shop for two days. He had it running in a few hours. It had blown a mini 10 amp fuse in the engine fuse box. He said he had got it running but hadn't found out why the fuse blew and wanted to know if I wanted to take it or have him keep looking. I said, keep looking. He went through the entire electronics, wires, ECM, everything and nothing. He checked to make sure the HID's weren't the problem with a bad install, nothing.

He asked me yesterday if he could take it home with him and see if it would duplicate the problem. I told him sure try everything. He said on the way home he didn't notice much except it was running a little rough and he would l;ook into that this morning. He said he went out to start it this morning and let it warm up and then he noticed it, a broken motor mount. He hurried to his shop and began to take it apart but first he wanted to see how much actual movement there was as he watched as an employee put it in gear with brake on and he saw it. The engine had enough travel to pull wire's and he saw an arc. Small but noticeable. It didn't trip the fuse but it had to be replaced. He replaced it, reset the computer to clear any remaining codes and it runs like money. No vibration, smooth acceleration and quite.

He told me he had heard of such things but this was the first time he saw it. He marked the fuse location, gave me a couple fuses and said, hopefully you never need them. All of his time, labor and the new mount for $197.50 I cannot say how pleased I am to find a fair and honest mechanic. He has all of my future business.
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