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Default Re: Lost all my gears - 5 speed manual

Check the bushings under the console. I had the same thing happen to me.

We were at a restaurant about 10 miles from home. When I went to put it in reverse something went funny and then the shifter was just floppy and wouldn't engage any gears. After fiddling with it a bit, I found I could shift 1-2-3-4 but as soon as I went for reverse it was all floppy again. I fiddled with it again until it would shift, hand pushed the PT backwards out of the parking spot and drove carefully home.

The one shifter bushing at the bottom of the gearshift stick was totally worn out. Unfortunately Chrysler doesn't appear to offer the bushings by themselves, they just want to sell you the whole cable assembly. The Booger bushings mentioned above are a good replacement, I'd order them for later. I actually have them on the transmission ends of the shifting cables.

I needed to replace the bushing right away, so I ended up getting a set of replacement bushings from NAPA Auto Parts. They had a kit with OEM-like bushings that worked.

The shifter works with two cables transmitting the shifter position to the transmission. Each cable has three "positions": all the way in, midpoint, all the way out.
One cable transmits that the gearshift is:
towards the front of the car (gears 1-3-5) ,or neutral gate, or towards the rear of the car (gears 2-4-R).
The other cable transmits that the gearshift is:
towards the driver's side (gears 1-N-2), or in the center (gears 3-N-4), or towards the passenger side (gears 5-N-R).

I'd bet the bushing for the second cable is worn out, and dropping when it's in the 5-N-R position. That's what was worn out on mine. It's on the passenger side under the console. I think that bushing just naturally takes a beating in operation.

The console can be difficult to reinstall because it's hard to get the parking brake handle high enough to clear the console for re-installation. Here's a quick video I made to address that:

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