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Default Re: Key wont open doors

Welcome to the forum.

We will need to know the year model to help the most. We also need to know if this PT is from the US/Canadian market or somewhere else.

PT Cruisers can be divided in into two sub-models. 2001 thru 2005 are 1st Generation and 2006 thru 2010 are 2nd Generation. The 2005 also gained the electric rare hatch switch like the 2nd Gen PT's. And the 2001 and some 2002 models can be unlocked with a key from either front door. Only the drivers door and rare hatch has a key lock on the 2003 and newer PT's.

This sounds like a case were the key and cylinder for the ignition switch were changed, but the doors lock cylinders were not. Most PT Cruisers have a SKIM system to disable the engine if not started with a mated gray sentry key. To work, there has to be a handshake between the sentry key, SKIM module in the steering column and the PCM (computer). All three are married together. The PCM can be changed if the original VIN is flashed into the replacement PCM. But to put in a new SKIN module or key, there is a code that the lock smith must input through the OBDII port to unmarry and marry the SKIM module. Dealerships can look up this code based on the VIN. Or there's special lock smith equipment to retrieve the code from the SKIM module.

There are several possible fixes. The likely best is to have the door lock keyed to her existing gray sentry key. But the easiest would be to buy and install a new door lock with a new key. And then use that key just to unlock the door.

Assuming this is a 1st Gen PT, there's a do-it-yourself way to add a fob without using a lock smith. Find a salvage 1st Gen PT Cruiser that still has at least one fob in it. Then get that fob along with the keyless entry module located in the center top of the dash under the dash board. Once that module is plugged into her PT, that mated salvage fob will work. And then there is a procedure to program additional fobs yourself. You might contact forum member, Myckee, by PM. Several weeks ago he had some extra modules with keys for sale. He may still have some.

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