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The OE replacements will last 50k+ proven miles or more. There are exceptions like perhaps you live in Mexico that pot holes in the street are as big as houses. lol

To be honest... The Moog new version "problem solver products" most likely will last longer then other brands LCR assemblies. However they have not had a long time year or mileage use record yet on PT Cruisers forum members or PT Cruiser owners to report complete success using them . I personally will only install MOOG suspension product on all our customers vehicle when and if they are available.

As for bringing your own parts to your shop to install, read or understand completely what that means. Ask your shop what will be covered if the part you bring to install fails!

What many member's do not understand is that many times the higher price of parts from a shop doing the repair is to cover labor cost in the event a part that they install and supply fails under the manufactures warranty period. Most parts will state that they will only replace the part and no labor reimbursement. It is next to impossible these days for shops to make labor claims from part manufactures and get paid.

What am I talking about it has always been hard to get labor coverage from manufactures of failed parts..
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