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Default Re: Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase - Part 2

After trying one I found them to be ok for a sound system upgrade beginner and still a bargain price a PT Cruiser stock sound system. But for a Audiophiles taste in music they don't exactly" kick" so to say the sound without changing parts and bypassing other's when installing it. Also unless you upgrade the rest of the speakers to at least the premium OEM or aftermarket the response is sorta of flat and hollow in the low end. As for availability I am guessing that Cas didn't tell about there origin? A good phone call to him explains a lot about why there seems to be so many of them. Think about your resent gauge purchase. They will be around a long time, that is as long as people buy them. You know I always like the ebay and amazon ads that say 1 left.
Now all Cas has to do is offer one with a better speaker and maybe a more ample amp.....

As a thought and helpful recommendation I suggest that people that get them at least pack it with polyfill to fool the speaker in thinking it is in a larger area.

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