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Default Re: Ok, my entry for Cruiser Of The Month July 2016

Yep,in the 28k miles I have had the car it's overall average is 22mpg.

Heh, heh, a bit more on the story, I had already purchased the 15x7 Chrome smoothies, BFG tires and Borla dual exhaust before the car had been delivered.

Drove the car home on the factory wheels and tires about 10mi. and had the chrome smoothies and exhaust installed over night that first night at home.

So, I still have the original 195/65x15 tires mounted on the factory original wheels essentially brand new only 15yrs old now.

Heh, heh, I guess I also still have a virtually new Base Cruiser Muffler as well.

Also shortly after getting the PT I took out the rear seats and have been driving it in what I calll 'Sedan Delivery Mode' without the back seats ever since.

And why does it only have 28k mi on it in 15yrs, don't I like to drive it you might ask? Well yes I do enjoy driving it, but I am an old single retired guy who's always had at least 5 cars. I only get out and drive about 100 mi or less a week. So doing the math thats about 5200mi a year spread over all 5 cars being driven regularly it means each only get about 1000 miles a year. Kinda how my 67 Dodge Charger, I bought new 50 yrs ago, still only has about 50k mi on it.
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