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Default Re: amazing and hilarious stories of ownership

Ok, here's a hilarious story of PT Owner ship.

As I have noted elsewhere I ordered my 02 PT Cruiser new in July of 01.

I picked it up from the dealership on Aug 30, 2001.

Two weeks later the World Trade Center was destroyed.

At that all commercial aviation was grounded.

I knew that very day that commercial aviation mfg was gonna take a big hit and sure enough I was forced to retire in Jan, 2002 after Boeing Sales had precipitously declined.

Anyhow I kept the PT.

Even before I ordered the PT I had joined a couple of PT Cruiser online forums to get a feel for what folks were thinking about them.

So after perusing the forums and seeing what aftermarket items were available I went ahead and ordered most of the items I thought a proper PT should have to fit my style.

Ordered the 15x7 chrome smoothie wheels and B.F. Goodrich T/A Radials before I got the car along with the Borla Dual Exhaust, hood struts and 8 ball shifter kit.

Got everything installed within the first weekend of having the car.

Then I drove the heck out of it and really enjoyed having it.

But early on in the forums it was being reported that several folks were complaining about odd odors coming from the A/C vents in some areas of the country. This was a bit disconcerting to me but didn't think this would have any relevance to me.

Then all of a sudden my car started to stink. Now my personal sniffer really isn't very directional so I had a hard time finding any cause. But because of the complaints I read online I immediately suspected the A/C system and vents.

I tore the dash apart and cleaned and deodorized as best I knew how.

But alas no joy. The Stink was so unbearable and went on for a couple weeks and i was really embarrassed to have anyone ride with me while I was suffering from the problem.

Then one day I had a friend over to help install a power antenna in the car and we had to open it up a bit to get at everything in the dash and under the front wheel well.

PT Cruiser Power Antenna Installation Guide

And as it would happen while messing around in the interior I noticed on the floor just under the back edge of the passenger seat was a half gallon of chocolate milk that had laid there for at least a month and had leaked out and putrefied and stunk up the interior of my brand new car.

At the time I was in the habit of buying chocolate milk whenever I stopped at a Quicktrip and apparently the half gal fell out of the bag and I never noticed it.

Anyhow I then tore out all the carpets where the milk had flowed into both the front and rear carpet areas including the mats and insulation.
Laid them out on my cement drive and washed the heck out of them.

Decided to make a bit of a positive out of the situation by putting in better grade thermal and sound deadening insulation as well as putting down some heavy dynamat style lead foil/asphalt stuff.

So, after feeling like the ultimate idiot, at least I could say i helped with the interior noise a bit.

And now 16 yrs down the road I've never had any other smells coming from the A/C system
George H. McDowell
Wichita, Kansas
My 2005 PT Cruiser GT Convertible Project

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