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Default Re: amazing and hilarious stories of ownership

I bought my 03 Dream in the middle of a rain storm at night, duhhhhhh.
The car ran and drove well during my 45 minute test drive and as far as I could tell everything seemed ok. So I paid a little under retail at the time due to some repaired damage, paint hiccups like keyed paint on the passenger rear door.
About three months after I bought the car I had an overheat problem. Then came the learning curve. I didn't know about Turbo only overflow bottles, radiators, ac condensors, or steering oil coolers, but I learned about that and the 03 Only Turbo radiator fan! Ouch.
Well I took a 3 month vacation from Turbo driving while I learned my entire cooling system was non Turbo stuff and I couldnt afford it New or find it used.
I patched it back together with a new recovery bottle from Chrysler and the rest from nice junkers, though not Turbo. Eventually I did find a Turbo fan and the nervousness about overheats disappeared. My son has a GT and we now have a spare Turbo fan each just in case.
I hated the aftermarket 17" wheels on my car and traded them at a local car show for a set of nine spoke 16"s from a later convertible. In the parking lot at a Friday night car show! No one had ever seen that before.
All in all, I don't regret buying the Dream and now after a couple years need to do a power steering line and pump redo, and install a proper radiator with trans coolant lines and a steering cooler and ad condenser from a Turbo car to go with the new radiator I just ordered.
It has developed into a habit as I now have an 02 Dream (my original quest car) which needs a transmission, and an 07 Pacific Coast Street Cruiser which is finally getting the timing belt etc it needed when I drove to Arizona to pick it up.
The craziness continues.
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