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Smile Re: What did you do to your PT today?

Hi all,today I today I replaced my old radiator and lower radiator support brace with new ones due to backing in a ditch in the dark, the job went great...only bled once and no bad words were said which is unusual for me...was amazed how easy the job was and I learned something that might be of use to someone else,pt cruisers used at least 2 different lower radiator support braces, I purchased one on eBay that stated it fit 01 thru 10,(mine is an 07),
And of course when it arrived it was different than mine,on the box it said it fit 01 to 05 models,I was pretty upset at first as I had waited 3 weeks for the part with the pt up on Jack stands,after a close examination my 07 brace was much taller, yet the mounting bolt pattern was the same on both,and the differences in the 2 braces were "under" the radiator on the brace,in other words the 01 to 05 brace would still put the radiator in the same place height wise,the difference was my 07 brace hangs down lower than the 01 to 05 brace, I installed the new one and had to modify it just slightly so the lower radiator hose wouldn't rub on the lip of the brace,and had to fab up 3 spacers where the bumper cover attaches,easy the lower brace has a bit more ground clearence...hope this might help week I install a split rear hatch cover and will post some pics of the install...cheers! Terry
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