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Default 2007 pt cruiser engine needs to start twice

My 2007 pt cruiser has a weird problem. When the engine is cold (overnight), the engine will crank but won't start in the first try. It will start in the second try. However, when engine is hot, it starts fine. Also, the check engine light is not on. The problem starts this Oct. when temperature starts to be low in the morning (32F). But because the car start eventually, the battery should be OK, right?

The engine cranks and it will start eventually, so the starter should be fine, right?

I tried to turn the key to ON without starting the engine and waited for a few seconds, the engine still could not start in the first try but will start in the second try. So I think the fuel pump and fuel filter should be fine, too.

I did an oil change this Sep. and the car past the NY state annual inspection this Oct.

So what do you think is wrong?

I'd like to take the car to a mechanics for an inspection. However, it seems that it is really hard to repeat the problem right away, and I don't want to leave the car there for a few days. I appreciate it very much, if anyone could point me to a possible cause.

Thank you very much.

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