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Default 2003 GT - "PT Salvage"

So I posted a bit ago about my 2003 GT that I got at salvage with a $525 bid and out the door at $900 after fees and all. The car is in great shape, though with a bit of minor flaws here and there.

Car only has 25000 one owner miles. Sunroof, leather, etc. Everything included right down to the owner's manual still pristine in the glove box. Unfortunately it is an autostick. Kinda wanted a manual, but "could not find one" .... I doubt if there are that many 5 speed cars with these low miles and condition either.

The biggest and most concerning issues:
1) Oil Pressure light is on. Engine seems to be running perfectly, no signs of any noise. Oil is golden and at the right level. Most likely it's the sending unit, which isn't uncommon in cars that are infrequently driven (such as this one was its whole life). Will replace this Saturday.

2) ABS/Traction light was not on when I test drove it immediately after picking it up, but after hauling it on the car dolly for 80 miles back to my apartment, they came on. I think someone left the key in the "run" position rather than just "unlocked", so the sensors were all active and probably having the rear wheels spinning with the front wheels stationary triggered that light. Will pull battery to perform a reset and hopefully this goes away. Otherwise I'll check wheel sensors.

3) Tires are dry rotted to hell. I thought they were original 2003 but I found a receipt in the car where new tires had been bought in 2010. However I wouldn't trust these tires past 20mph. New tires are called for.

Minor issues:
4) Carfax shows "vehicle / pedestrian contact" and thus there is a dented fender right below the driver headlight, and the bumper is slightly warped. Looks like I could straighten out the fender just by hand, and then heat the bumper to pull it back in place. Then a little glazing compound (won't even need bondo) and touchup paint and it'll be good as new. As good as "Light Almond Metallic" could ever be.

5) Paint shows signs of sun damage, and of never being properly cleaned. However the clearcoat is intact and not blistered, so a paint correction should make it shine again.... stupid Light Almond...

Other than that it just needs a good detail and it's ready to go. Needs fluids changed, belts checked, etc. Need to look especially for components that deteriorate with age, not with mileage. Because it is a Texas car, rust isn't even an issue. The exhaust under the car even looks new and is rust-free (from the parts I've seen).

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#2: 2003 PT Cruiser GT in Boring Beige

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