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Default Re: 2003 GT - "PT Salvage"

Originally Posted by myckee View Post
Syked does make a good product, however since he is a one man operation and his ECU business isn't his day job, you could be waiting an extended amount of time before you receive your item. Maybe he has help now and that has changed?

If it was me, for a stage 1, I would send it to Cindy at FWD Performance. They are also in Texas and charge, at last contact, $125 if you supply your own core. While Syked's is supposed to be tweaked a bit more than the one originally offered by Mopar, and which FWD sells, it is doubtful that you would be able to tell the difference. I have both in a manual GT and I can't just beating on the car on the street. I can't speak about the automatic. Cindy's number at FWD is: 281-642-3878

FWD Can't do Stage 2. That is a custom deal only since Mopar never officially released a S2 for the PT. So if S2 is your goal, Syked is the only player.

As far as core goes, sell the GT core and buy a NA core for less than half the price. You may experience a longer life out of the NA core too. After so many years and miles, the GT cores have been subjected to a lot more heat over their lifetime and many of them are failing more frequently. The 02 circuits seem to fail the most often. Any 05 PT or Neon core will work perfectly.

For the 2003 year only, along with the Stage 1 PCM, Mopar also included the injectors used in all 04+ Turbo PTs. They didn't need to supply them for the other years since those were already the factory installed injectors. There has been a lot of debate on this forum as to whether they are actually needed or not. For me, since Chrysler said they were required, then that is good enough for me. It's up to you which path you follow. If you go with Stage 2, then upgraded TIP and MAP sensors, as well as even bigger injectors were supplied by Mopar.

1) May consider FWD Performance. For some reason I got the impression they weren't doing them any more. I was considering visiting Modern Performance (it's not far from me), but it looks like they only have DiabloSports these days.

2) Actually on second look it wasn't a GT core I bought anyway, it was an automatic NA (4 port) core. I knew that at the moment but forgot! Woops. So that's good there.

3) Have been looking at a couple of sources of Stage 1 injectors.

Honestly I will probably just do stage 1. Trying to avoid the crazy cost I hit doing my Abarth with big turbo, plasma coils, etc etc, bought parts multiple times because never happy with what I got, etc. I got the cruiser cheap and don't want to spend too much on it.
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