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Default Things I Do When I Get Bored...

I have a mirror-mounted Z-Edge dash cam with backup camera. I love it, it's caught more than a few interesting moments.

Problem is, I wired it to power up with the ACC - which is ideal *most* of the time. However, sometimes I just want to turn it off (say, I'm sitting in the car w/radio or heat on, talking on the phone or whatever). Also it occasionally needs to be power-cycled because it fails to initialize the rear camera or, more often, the rear cam is stuck on a frozen still image. Pulling the USB cable means re-adjusting the mirror etc...

Then there are times where I may wish to have it recording while I'm NOT in the car. From both cameras (which requires USB power).

So... I decided to wire up an ON/OFF/ON toggle. Couldn't find one in the form of a rocker-style switch with separately-wired LED (since I'm technically using it "backwards" - center feeds the load, the two "ON" sides are fed by ACC and B+)...

Anyway I made a video out of the still pictures I took along the way, figured this is the place to post it. Worth noting the background music is my own creation, no copyright issues there.

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