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Default Re: Weird Fuel Problem

there is no "real" fuel filter on these cars. they just have a sock on the fuel pump inlet. anything that gets through the sock ends up in the injectors. for what it's worth, my PT at 240,000 miles had the cleanest tank inside i'd ever seen. looking inside, you couldn't tell it apart from a brand new tank. i think with a plastic tank there just really is no need for an inline filter. the one on my mustang i can change the filter every oil change and have black crud pour out when i drain it backwards. meaning if i pour gas through it it comes out clean, if i tip it so the gas comes out the inlet, it comes out like murky pond water. i believe it is rust/metal, and the plastic tank in the PT prevents this from ever being an issue.


i believe any sediment or gunk that get through this usually sprays right through the injectors and out the tailpipe. it is possible that as the tiny debris passes through the injector it gets smashed as the injector opens and closes and accumulates over time, causing it to either spray funky, or to continue to add fuel when it should be closed/sealed since gunk is holding it open.

if injector cleaner fixes it every time, you might try to use a different gas station. everyone has their local gas station they use constantly. might be best to change where you gas up for a while to see if it prevents the problem. ...or just add the cleaner periodically

anyone else have thoughts on this?

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