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Default Re: Should have brought my trailer....

Well your situation with those long steel poles brought to mind two times I've had similar incidents. I'll gloss over carrying two 12' X 2" X 20" pressure treated boards slung under a VW Bug and go right to the other one.

A long time ago I built a log cabin from a kit supplied with hand hewed 12" x 6" Canadian fir logs. A few years later we wanted to add a small piano alcove to the upstairs design. Having done most of the initial log construction work myself I felt able to tackle it. I had left over tongue and grove flooring and only needed three 12' x 6" x 15' logs to support the new added floor.

The log kit company wouldn't deliver just three logs but they told me I could pick them up on their next I-81 interstate run for just the cost of the logs. I asked them how much three 20' logs'd be. Turns out they cost the same.

The only thing I had to tote the logs with was a new smaller sized Chevy S-10 pick up. It could handle the weight but the bed wasn't long enough. I was scheduled to pick the logs up at a rest stop on I-81 west of Roanoke about 70 mile from where I lived in the dead of the night at 2:00 AM.

We spent the day down on the Green river filling sand bags and carried them to that rest stop west of Roanoke to meet the log kit truck at 2:00AM.
We laid those twenty foot logs in the bed of the truck. Lashed 'em, tied 'em down good, with the tail end draggin', red flags nailed ever six inches along the logs and the sand bags packed in tight underneath and above those logs holdin' both the angle of the dangle and weightin' them down.

Away we carefully went to the first interstate turn off. I kept my eyes on the road and my buddy kept behind in his car as a "safety". He would have flashed his head lights if there was a problem. That was the plan. That was the signal. We took the old back way through Roanoke and headed down 200 wearin' those draggin' logs down. The trip was truly uneventful. We stopped once to readjust the ropes and sand bags. Very little traffic. I don't think we were noticed. When we got to Martinsville those logs were about seventeen feet long. Nicely worn down to a defined angle. Still more than long enough to use in that piano alcove.
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