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Default got #2035 today

[8D] hello every1

for the past 2 weeks ive been waiting for my dream pt to arrive, and reading this forum until weee hours. Ive read almost all threads, and its been interesting and fun to listen to all of u.

so i got #2035 today cause wife baby and 3 dogs didnt quite fit in our car. wife liked scenic [:O] i was terrified, but fortunatlly i found out that scenic II is arround the corner AND that there is a turbo pt [}]
when i saw the dream series at the dealer i knew that was the car i wanted, wife allways liked pt but i dont like slow cars so with turbo it all came together.

im a bit disaponted about the auto-stick on 1st it auto switches to 2nd at 6k rpm wtf!!!! shouldnt it at least let me go to 7k?
is this the same for all of u?
is there a way to change it?

also for u guys that have been testing with the K&N filter and the removal of the thingy to make engine cooler, how much faster do u feel the car, 5%, 10%, the same?

also can the boost controller valves harm the engine?
from what ive read that seems to be the thing to do in order to get more bang for the buck, is this right?

well its nice to be a part of this comunity now

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