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Horn button problem???

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Old 03 Dec 2005, 12:41 am
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Default Horn button problem???

We just bought an 2006 inferno red, Limited Edition, Turbo PT Cruiser abouta month ago. Both my husband and I have a "near miss" when someone had pulled out in front of us and neither of us could find the correct spot to hit on the horn button so it would blow. We've played around with it but it appears there's just a very small area (below the Chrysler symbol) that actually blows the horn. We've checked out slightly older PT's and their horn buttons work much better. We also took it back to the dealership and had it checked by the service department. They told us that it appears to be working correctly. That it apparently has to do with the way the airbag is installed.

Anyone have any experience with this problem?

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Old 03 Dec 2005, 10:38 pm
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Just flatten your hand on the steering wheel and push. I have a Mazda with silly little buttons on it, the cruiser leaves no doubt. Just hit it and it beeps.

Of course getting used to a new car is a part of it as well. I had less than 300 miles on mine when I almost got hit by a car backing out of a parking space without looking. Could not find the horn button so I threw it into gear and stepped on it. The turbo lite did its job and chirped the tires loud enough for the car to stop. They got out an apologized and I learned how to hit the horn.
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Old 05 Dec 2005, 09:34 am
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There's a horn symbol - looks like bugle - push on it for the horn...
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Old 06 Dec 2005, 10:02 pm
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My '06 was the same way, finally the dealer could not make it work at all. Replaced the steering wheel and now is somewhat better. The advisor also has a '06 and it has problems.

I called Chrysler Customer Service and reported it. Make sure you report it also, lets build up a case and maybe they will issue a recall. Fender benders are expensive!!!![xx(]
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Old 08 Dec 2005, 09:44 pm
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That reminds me of a different car, but a similar story...

I bought a 1970 Mercury Cougar, and for the first six months could not find the horn. No matter how hard or where I pressed, no horn.

Then as I'm driving through road construction, without any reason the horn suddenly blasts loudly.
I almost jumped out of my seat!

Later that month it surprised us with another horn blast, but that's when I found it. Squeezing the steering wheel sounded the horn.

I guessed it was for those tight clinches when you didn't dare take your hands off the wheel.

That was another fun car, like the P.T. Cruiser!

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Old 17 Feb 2006, 11:32 pm
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Sorry for the repeat, but I saw two entries on the forum and I want everyone to know how to address this problem.

Got the PT back today. It looks like they fixed the horn this time. Hit anywhere on the padded section and it honks. No more find the magic spot. According to the dealer, the problem was in the ground wires leading to the contacts at the base of the horn spring assembly. They also told me that three other new 2006 owners had the same problem. I think the problem drove them a little crazy,expecially when it did not work after the first attempted fix (replacing the entire airbag assembly). Needless to say I was a little bit unhappy when they sent the car home and the horn still did not work! But they find a fix, and I give them credit for it. It is pretty clear the Chrysler needs to address a problem at their factory.

Bottom line: there is a fix to the problem!
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Old 18 Feb 2006, 12:30 am
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A long time ago, Dodge (or Plymouth)made a piece of crap called the Cricket. Some genius decided it would be funny to put the horn button on the end of the turn signal switch. You can imagine how much fun it was to try and find the horn in a hurry. You could blow the horn and signal at the same time. [:I]
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Old 18 Feb 2006, 01:34 am
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quote:Originally posted by redhotpt

A long time ago, Dodge (or Plymouth)made a piece of crap called the Cricket. Some genius decided it would be funny to put the horn button on the end of the turn signal switch. [:I]
I had a brand-new 84 Ford escort, pretty good car, (had it 3 years, no problems) had a normal horn-on steering wheel- and on the turn signal stalk, It was a measure to "switch back" to the normal spot, evidently, people were having problems with the turn-signal location.

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Old 18 Feb 2006, 04:42 pm
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Glad you found the fix for the horn button! Now I hope they come up with a fix for my trip odometer from resetting everytime I turn off the ignition!! [:I] [8)]
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Old 18 Feb 2006, 06:37 pm
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Is there a TSB on this "FIX"????
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