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Looking at 06 for mom

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Old 06 Jul 2006, 09:23 pm
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Default Looking at 06 for mom

I was looking at at a 2006 PT for my mother, she wants something to put the dogs in the back and haul potting soil, etc. The base models seem pretty cost effective. I just can't get over the rumers of the reliablity ans safety.
The 06 got good reviews (from the one i've read) but I wanted to hear "real world" accounts of the car.
Thank you,
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Old 06 Jul 2006, 10:00 pm
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There are owners that have had problems, but considering the number of PT Cruiser on the road, the reliability is no worse than most cars. I have 88,000 miles. Power steering pump and radiator fan motor are the two things that I've replaced. A broken clip let some wires dangle and cause a loss of signal from the cam sensor to the computer...that let me stranded on the side of the road. I'd still recommend it.
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Old 06 Jul 2006, 10:20 pm
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I have a 06 now (traded in a 02 on it). I'm glad that I have stayed with a PT. As of this time I have NOT had any problems with it. It has 12K+ miles on it.
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Old 07 Jul 2006, 05:32 am
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I will tell you some of the problem rumors that i have heard... I have only had one problem. My coolant sensor went out at 1,000 miles. The warrenty covered it being replaced.

Here are some cons:
I have heard that the Automatic Transmissions are terrible, my cousin has an automatic and it has been one problem after another. Thankfully I dodged that bullet with the manual transmission. It's smooth shifting and the clutch is a peice of cake to push down and use. I recommend the manual if you are going to get one. My personal opinion of course.

The spark plug wires are not that great also. I dont know if that is an issue on the 2006 but i am in the process of replacing mine.

Great size for hauling stuff. It has a great storage size and the back seats are removeable to increase storage.

Many different aftermarket parts available. Many different styling changes and mods avaliable.

It has decent power (again in the manual transmission) for it's size. It has a decent 2.4 L I-4 and i find that it's got good accleration. As far as the automatic transmission goes, it's really hesitant. You want get any quick acceleration out of it when you want it. It takes the transmission to long in my opinion to realize that you want more power.

Some people say that it dosent handel well, i think it does. It steers nice and comfortably and easly and can make turns with ease.

And again, as usual i like the style and the opitions. The touring edition is a nice package. Has comfortable interior and nice leg room. I am 6'1 and drive it quite comfortably. The touring package has some nice convenice features, power mirrors, all models come with power windows. Tourings an up come with power locks and some come with remote keyless entry. The limited comes with leather (if she likes that), and heated seats, cd-tape player e.t.c.
All in all, it's well equipped and reliable. I have heard of people who have had no problems at all so really, i would reccommend it still.

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Old 07 Jul 2006, 09:33 am
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What rumors of reliability and safety????
Even consumer reports gives the PT a good grade.
I'm on my second PT, and bought a used one for my daughter.
I had 87,000 + miles of trouble-free driving on my first PT - only reasons I traded in:
1) Son going to college - I won't be buying a new car for 4 years, and 4 more years on a car with 87,000 miles I felt was pushing it.
2) I wanted a TURBO
Your mom will love you.
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Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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Old 07 Jul 2006, 03:06 pm
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welcome to the board!! i have an 03 turbo the wife has an 04 limited we love them !! no major problems let us know what you get good luck !!
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Old 08 Jul 2006, 10:01 pm
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I have 2 Cruiser's. Love them and I think your mom will also.
04 cool vanila Limited Turbo

Wife has a 03 limited
(Steel Blue)
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Old 08 Jul 2006, 10:28 pm
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In 55,000 miles I have had two problems. Oil sending unit went bad and the oil light went on but not off indicating no oil pressure. Fixed at about 10,000 miles under warranty and at 55,000 miles a dead battery fixed on my dime! Dead battery sidelined my Cruiser as it would not run with a dead battery.
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Old 09 Jul 2006, 03:02 pm
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Two Cruisers here, 40K and 27K on the clock and would highly recommend them![?]
John & Terry
"His" - 2002 Inferno Red Touring Edition
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Old 09 Jul 2006, 06:26 pm
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My 2001 PT with auto trans had 96,024 miles on her when I steped out for the last time. I have over 10,000 on the 2006 GT.

they have been the best cars I have owned. No major problems.

Real world reports on accidents have shown the PT to be very safe.
Richard -
'09 Dream Cruiser
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