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STUPID!!! So now what???

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Old 06 Feb 2007, 12:44 pm
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Default STUPID!!! So now what???

GEESH... I still can't believe this happened!! Sounds more like something out of a sit com...

In the Minneapolis area this past weekend, it was a wee bit chilly. Saturday was the first time I have had to start it in WELL below 0 weather. And I didn't.

SO I got a ride to work, and left it in my folk's driveway. My Dad did the battery charger thing - says its fully charged. When I came back during lunch, we tried jumping it with no luck. So I put in the call to AAA with instructions that my Dad would be there with the car and my AAA card.

AAA comes out and explains that Chryslers very typically need a LITTLE gas when starting in such cold weather. Push down the gas pedal about an inch or so when starting, no more, no less. I guess he started it right up, shut the doors and left. Dad figured he'd go inside for a couple minutes (keep an eye on the car) let it run abit, then go back out to get the keys.

OK... so the stupid AAA guy LOCKED THE KEYS IN THE CAR!!!! This is about 4:15.

My hubby has the other set - at home about 1.5 hours away. UGH.

So Dad calls AAA and says, look, your guy locked the keys in the car and its running in the driveway. Gal says, sorry, but they will not come out to unlock a car without the actual owner there. WHAT??? You mean you will come out and START the car but not unlock it after it was YOUR guy that did it??

SO he calls me at work, I called AAA and tell them that I am NOT a happy camper, that I will be at work for at least another hour and a half... that they came out to meet my Dad, his name is on the original order, he has my AAA card... so she says ok, they will make an exception.

I finally get back to the folks from work... about 2 hours after they originally started the car... AND ITS STILL RUNNING!!!! So I call AAA and totally freak out. I say sure, I appreciate them coming out to start it, and that it is freekin cold outside and they are VERY busy... BUT 2 HOURS??? They say sorry, they will try to get someone out there soon.

SO half an hour later, someone finally shows up. This means my car has been idling in the driveway for 2.5 hours.

I live about 1.5 hours away, and it seems ok for the first 30-35 minutes, then it has a funny smell. I don't know how to describe it but like something has been overheated and smell kinda burnt, but not burning smell.

What in the world did they do to my car by letting it idle for 2.5 hours, besides waste all that gas? Geeez, Cruisers get horrible gas mileage while they're actually moving, let alone sitting still!!
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Old 06 Feb 2007, 01:17 pm
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wow, !! that really sucks !! not sure what the smell would be from ?? i would keep aaa informed also in case something is really wrong they caused the problem !! keep us posted !!
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Old 07 Feb 2007, 03:04 am
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When driving, air is flowing around the catalytic converter, and carrying away excess heat. When any modern car is idling, there is no air flowing around the catalytic converter. The converter gets very very hot. It could scorch the paint on the underside of the car (even with the heat shield). It might overheat the carpet and pad. Owners manuals say do not allow the engine to idle for long periods of time. This is the reason. The smell should go away. To pull up the carpet, to look for scorch marks is very difficult. There is probably no permanent damage to your car, but don't let it idle for long periods of time, even in Winter.
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