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What to expect as new owner

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Old 18 Mar 2003, 03:19 pm
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Default What to expect as new owner

Hello everbody. Finally traded in the '91 Jeep Cherokee and got my PT!! Silver '02 Touring Ed. automatic 16 in. 5 spokes non-chrome with 7/70 warranty with 9K miles. I LOVE THIS THING!! and been waiting a while to get one. It really feels more expensive than it is, Its great!!
Anyways my question is who has the most miles and how's the maintenance so far? Should i expect anything as far as mech. problems or electrical glitches? So far ive read it's actually the best engineered Chrysler, but those are magazines and not "everyday actual owners".



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Old 18 Mar 2003, 05:43 pm
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Welcome! Don't know about the 01s, I have an 03 Limited Edition with about 6500 miles and have had NO PROBLEMS!! Be sure to check the older threads in the forums and all the other forums too. Beware of the "mod" bug - first you'll just want some minor things and then before you know it, you're going all out!<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Old 18 Mar 2003, 06:41 pm
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Welcome DeeV. I have almost 6000 miles on my '03 GT. So far the only problem I have had is a squeak in the steering which resulted in Chrysler replacing the rack and pinion unit. Although after the work I now have a squeak in the front suspension on the drivers side that wasn't there before the work.

Most of the PT's seem to be relatively trouble free. I had NO items that I had to take the car back to the dealer with when I bought it. I can't say that about any other vehicle I have owned.

2003 Almond GT AutoStick, body colored rear splash guards and hood struts, chrome gear shift, AC, and vent knobs.
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Old 18 Mar 2003, 06:58 pm
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Welcome to the forum. I have to agree with you that the cruiser seems expensive. Real nice build, all hood and door panels fit nicely, the inside is very well built no noise or rattles. I am very pleased. The only problem I have had and I actually glad that it's not mechanical. Its with the exterior chrome. So far I have replaced the front left rim, both door handles on the drivers side and the tail gate emblem. All is well now. I finally got some pictures taken that show the "rust". It doesn't stand out but once you see it you know.

But enough with that. As you can tell already their are minor problems but all in all, once it is fixed this is one fun car<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

I have a GT with 4500 miles on it and it runs like a charm. Enjoy yours to the max. I even cancelled my Sunday newspaper delivery. Now I grab a cup of coffee and cruise to my paper<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

2003 Electric Blue GT
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Old 18 Mar 2003, 07:10 pm
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Just past the 42,000 mile mark here. The PT's a well made car...can't say the same for some of the parts. Both the power steering pump and the CAT converter had to be replaced. One by my aftermarket warranty, the other by the emissions warranty. The front brakes worked well but wore out kind of fast and a lot of people had problems with the OEM Goodyear tires, I didn't. The motor itself seems to be holding up real well. Good luck with yours.

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Old 18 Mar 2003, 07:32 pm
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WELCOME! The only problem we have had (it's not a mechanical one)is all these RICEROCKET kiddies swarm around us like gnats wanting to race. By the time I hit 2nd, I'm over the speed limit so I let them go... NJOY the Cruise

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Old 18 Mar 2003, 07:35 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Hi DeeV,
I just traded in my 01 LE last week for my new GT. I really love that LE but when I heard about the GT I new I had to have one! The 01 was trouble free for the 25K I put on it and the front brake rotors were just starting to go. The only real complaint I have was with the paint. It was prone to chipping easly. I think due on part because of the highway driving and the design of the PT, alot of front end!
Anywho enjoy your new PT and this forum it is the best!

<img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>

Cruise on!

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Old 19 Mar 2003, 02:31 am
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Hey thanks gang, hmmm, sounds like i dont have much to worry about as long as i keep up my scheduled maintenance.

PTRON-im gonna keep it stock for a while coz it looks so damn cool stock, for now.

MichaelDay-I hope you figure out that other squeek in the front suspension. i wanto buy a haynes book to get familiar with whats what under the hood. I knew alot about my Jeep but his has alot of new engineering im not familiar with, especially suspension.

bigdogdad and OurPTGT-not only do I feel it looks expensive. All my friends are really digging this thing, and get this-THEY ALL DRIVE HONDA's. I never was the one to follow the 'racy' crowd and i couldnt wait to get a PT and show these guys.

Crewzin-I was expecting the brakes would wear kinda fast. half because of the wieght and in my case i got drums in the rear so the front discs might take more abuse.

kgdptblue-man, i was really eyeing those GTs too, but the deal on the one i have was too good to pass up. enjoy, coz i am!

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Old 19 Mar 2003, 06:58 pm
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We have a 02 Limited with 10K miles. Absolutely trouble free up to now aside from having to swap back tires with front to stop a low speed wobble. We drive on the highway daily so have a fair amount of paint chips on the hood. Don't like it but can't avoid it. We plan to keep ours stock also because it does look good. We have put on a few accessories such as rear mud guards, slush mats, rear step pad, shorty antenna, and 3rd brake light cling. Getting 21-22 combined MPG with a 5-speed and near 30 on long trips. Never owned a vehicle we like as well as the PT other than a KZ1000 motorcycle I had years ago that went from zero to major pucker factor in a big hurry. Wife didn't like it tho.

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