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How many are Chrysler nuts??

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Old 13 Jun 2003, 02:12 pm
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Default How many are Chrysler nuts??

Just was wondering,

I grew up with and around hot rods and custom cars. I like the cruiser because of its looks but tend to favor Chevy's for the custom look. I am planning on buying a cruiser soon mainly because of the info I got on this website. They seem reliable and look really cool stock or custom.

How many of you bought your cruiser because you are a die hard Chrysler fan or because you liked the look of the cruiser and don't care or don't like Chryslers? I would put myself in the ladder category...I don't really like Chryslers but really like the look of the cruiser and will have to live with having a Chrysler.

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Old 13 Jun 2003, 03:45 pm
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I've had GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW, Toyota & Honda vehicles. I normally buy based on value and reliability. I really have no brand preference. The PT was the first vehicle I've seen that grabbed my attention with styling. It was a "gotta have" vehicle. There was no reason or logic involved. So far it's "fit and finish" and reliability has exceed my expectations based on past experience with prior Chryler Corp. cars. Of course, I only have 26 months and 27,500 miles on it so time will tell. Whatever happens in the future, it has brought me more enjoyment than all the other cars I've owned combined, except maybe for the $1,639 1967 VW bug which was my first new car!
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Old 13 Jun 2003, 03:46 pm
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If you're asking whether or not the Chrysler logo swayed my purchase I'd have to say no.

I think the Cruiser looks really cool. That's what captured my initial interest.

When I checked it out at the dealer, I was surprised at the roomy interior as well as how configurable the interior was. Being a camping and biking nut, the ability to tow the bikes on the back and fold down the rear seats to cram in all my camping gear was a huge plus. I found the seats to be comfortable and I have plenty of headroom.

Coming from a Mazda Protege, it felt good to sit in a car designed for someone 6' tall vs. a car designed for someone who's only 5' tall. I didn't feel all scrunched up. I was also surprised at the available foot space for rear seat passengers.

Looking at the safety features, I was impressed by the dual side-impact beams in the front doors, as well as side-impact airbags.

For me, ABS and 4 wheel disc brakes cover both performance and safety categories for me. Fast driving will probably require fast braking at some point. If my car is designed to go fast (and the GT does go fast! [8D] I haven't taken her past 110mph yet, but I had 2,000RPM until redline at that point), I also want it to be able to brake quickly (4-wheel disc) with the least amount of skid potential (ABS).

For performance, there's of course the turbocharged motor that's bound to put a smile on your face when you lay into it. It can smoke the tires off the line and has excellent acceleration. If I'm at the front of the line, when the light turns green I quickly outpace the second car in line by several car lengths, and that's without breaking the speed limit. That's using roughly 1/4 throttle also.

There's also the styling points. For me, I like the chrome 17" rims, the leather interior and the moonroof. The Deep Cranberry color just does something for me. That's the color of mine, Electric Blue would've been my second choice.

I like the chipped keys as a security feature. The fact that you need two keys to program a new one shows they were thinking ahead (if you leave your car somewhere to be worked on or whatever, they couldn't use a single key to program a new one).

When you sit in it, you can tell lots of thought went into the design and implementation of this car.

Now for my dislikes.

As many others have noted, the wide turning radius is a PITA, but I've gotten used to it. I take it into account when navigating parking lots and other tight fitting areas.

The stereo isn't powerful enough. The sound is good, and the clarity of sound is excellent to my ears, but if you are driving highway speeds with the windows down, it's going to be hard to hear the stereo. With the windows up, the stereo puts out plenty of sound for me.
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Old 13 Jun 2003, 05:58 pm
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I think I'm the oddball here, in that I look at Chrysler vehicles exclusively. From my dad's '68 Plymouth Satellite, to a '69 Charger, '69 Road Runner, '70 Challenger R/T, to another '69 Road Runner (convertible), and then a '69 Satellite (my fastest). In the grown-up age, I had to have reliability, but I was too poor so I got a '98 Neon R/T, which was great on gas and still a hoot to drive. Now that the family is expanding, I need more room so the wife's Town & Country won't be the only vehicle we can all fit in.
Therefore, the Cruiser was the fastest Chrysler vehicle that was sort of practical, looked good, and was unique.
If DCX didn't make the cruiser, I'd no doubt be purchasing some other Mopar. Even with the merger with Daimler, in my mind my loyalties lie here.
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Old 13 Jun 2003, 06:58 pm
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[?]I have owned Chevy's and fords with a toyota and a datsun (back in the 70's when American cars were ****. I have had three company cars that were chryslers and little or no problems with them. then I saw the cruiser on Superbowl Sunday and said I don't know what that was but I will have one!!! Two years later I bought a Enferno Red and have really enjoyed it since. I have a few mods and an planning more.
Just check out my website and you will understand. Maybe...

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Old 13 Jun 2003, 09:17 pm
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I have always admired Mopars, and have owned my share. Every member of my immediate family currently owns Chrysler products. I am on my second one purchased new in as many years. My brother is on his second Chrysler product purchased new ( 1985 and 1996), and my Mom has a Concorde she purchased new in 1998.

I have had: 66 Baracuda, 67, 69 and 70 Chargers, 72 Duster, 68 Sport Fury, 85 Caravan, 02 PT Cruiser and 03 PT Cruiser GT. As you can see, I did grow up, but didn't grow old...

I will continue to have a fond memory of a lot of the muscle cars that I have owned with the Mopar family name, and I still love the PT Cruiser. I think it is a practical fun ride, and the Turbo gives it a performance edge for it's class and price range.

However, it is migrating into the next higher price bracket on one end of the equation, and the comfort level is erroding to the next lower price bracket on the other end of the equation.

This is not a winning combination from the customer point of view, and I will have to think long and hard before deciding to purchase another vehicle that depends on any Chrysler coprorate decision, either to purchase or to maintain.

The wife is on her second Subaru Forrester, and I am leaning toward the Turbo Subaru Baja that will be coming out in the next 3 to 4 months. The engine used in the Forrester and the Baja had to be de-rated when turbo charged, so as not to compete with the WRX market (according to their sales people). There is still room for more performance on either.

My Subaru Dealer claims to be the largest in the world, and they sponsor a few cars. They are into the performance end, and are not afraid to support it in both sponsorship and sales. They have even put a member of the younger crowd in the parts department to deal with the younger crowd. In their service department waiting room is a photo album of their sponsored cars, event pictures and pictures of most of their WRX customers at the dealership, with their cars. They currently have a STI tricked out with aftermarket tires, wheels, stereo and DVD video system, ready to go. They show an agressive stance in changing to meet the market. This is a much fresher approach as opposed to the stale odor of the current Chrylser/Mopar disdain for the customer, and overall disjointed dealer/manufacturer relationship.

At any rate, their quality, service and approach to customer satisfaction and customer service, as compared from experience with new models from each manufacture, over a span of ownership of 2 new models from each manufacture, puts Subaru hands down in the lead.

They have really tried hard to put me into a WRX, and I believe they will eventually offer me enough on my GT to get the job done. They try to maintain trade-ins from each of the performance oriented vehicles on the lot; probably for the "gloat factor". I suspect they would offer nearly 2X what the Chrysler dealer would give trade in on a GT towards any car in a comparable price bracket with what they offer. The STI is a little past what I want to get into, but the Baja looks like fun; while maintaining practicality, adding AWD and a pickup bed.

I don't mean to sound like a Subaru infomercial, but these are my candid thoughts. To me, the Chrysler buying experience has hit the skids. My Subaru dealer may be the exception, and not the rule. However, as long as they exist, I feel sure I will be happy with the purchases we have made with them. I haven't been able to find this in a Chrysler dealership, and other forum responses indicate that this is a nationwide plague. I am sure that there are Subaru dealers that may not be up to par with the one I do business with, just as I am sure that there are Chrysler dealerships that excel.. Most of the DCX dealerships that I have had experience with are "5 star dealers" and have been on the downhill slide for years. Chrysler has ignored customer complaints and has put off recalls for as long as a decade in some cases. They set the stage for the current shape they are in.

I w
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Old 13 Jun 2003, 10:00 pm
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i have always had mopar, 73 roadrunner, 74 roadrunner, 1967 coronet rt 440 auto <still have but is for sale ) 1970 dodge dart swinger 340 4 speed <still have) 1987 shelby z ,1988 shadow, 1989 daytona turbo, 1994 duster, wife has the 2002 pt and i have 2003 gt turbo
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Old 14 Jun 2003, 05:07 am
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quote:At least Japan isn't at odds with the US in every factor of international co-operation, like Germany is. Chrysler really bit the big one when they became the red-headed stepchild of the Benz folks

funny stuff...
i'm a fan of the wrx, subaru is on my list of possible next vehicles..

pt cruiser - bought it for styling, not for the chrysler logo

i bought the cruiser, my dad bought a dakota sport, my mom bought a jeep liberty...

i'm gonna steal a dealership sign for the front lawn

\"keep your stick on the ice, and your minivan in the right lane.\"
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Old 14 Jun 2003, 04:14 pm
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No loyalty to any brand here.

Cars I've bought new include two Hondas, two Toyotas, a Chevy, a Ford (NEVER AGAIN) and now my first Chrysler.
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Old 15 Jun 2003, 07:11 am
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I was a Chrysler fan before the PT, and plan to stick with it. Thats why i love the PT so much. im a young 'mopar' fan considering i only got into it in the early 90's, so i cant say ive owned some real classics. but i plan to soon.

i really like what Chrysler did in the 90's with there designs like the Prowler Viper and other concepts. it just real fortunate the PT is a Chrysler, but i think i would have purchased it anyways if it were anything else.

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