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Axil Freeze

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Old 12 Jul 2003, 06:24 am
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Default Axil Freeze

I have a rather scary story to tell all of those that read it about my 2003 Turbo PT GT. Don't get me wrong I still love the car but am scared to death of it now.

I bought it Oct 13th 2002, in Feb 2003 I took it in for service because I had noticed red fluid leaking on my garage floor. I am very familier with cars and was alarmed to see ATF leaking from a car with less than 9,000 miles on it. Anyway I took it in and they replaced the seal & bearing on the left side. Away I went smiling cause I got it back in one day.

On May 28th I took it to a bodyshop to get ghost flames painted on it. This is an individual that I know pretty well & he does beautiful work. June 12th came along and he called me to come see the car finished. It took my breath away... After I proudly approved of his work he asked that he have it buffed and detailed. A new car should look like a new car when it leaves a bodyshop. I gladly agreeded because I was going to a trip and it would a perfect time for the finishing touches to be done and I could get it the beginning of the next week.

On June 14th after being buffed out the car was being driven to the detail shop on the freeway when all of a sudden the front left tire seized up and threw the car across 4 lanes of traffic and into an embankment where it came to rest. He got out of the car after collecting himself. The front left wheel was broken off, fluid everywhere. Utah Highway Patrol impounded the car until I could be notified. No other cars or people were hurt thank heavens. Well I found out on Monday, had to sign the release form to get it back to the bodyshop and repaired. The bodyshop owner took full responsability and was willing to do whatever to make my car new "again".

Upon investigating the damage he noticed that the left front axil would not come out of the transmission. He littrially had to take the right side apart and use a bar to pound out the left side which he found that the end of the axil was broken off. He got 2 second opinions before calling me to tell me that the axil had seized to the bearing inside of the tranny. He suggested that I call the dealer which I did and they came and got it but not before the Highway Patrol made their investigation and gave me a copy of their report saying the car is unfit to drive on the roads. And that a recall might be an issue. Finially on the 23rd of June the dealer came and got my car where it has been sitting up till this current day. They founf $7500.00 worth of damage to the tranny/axil and such. Well this ment bringing in a accident investagator that showed up July 2nd. I took hime to the accident site where after 3 weeks you could still see the skid marks. The investigator gathered all his information and left back to Chrysler. I have called nearly everyday after he came. I have just found out that my file has been moved from their investigation dept to their "Legal" department. No one is talking. No one will give me a rental car until it is fixed. and I still don't know what is going to happen.

PLEASE!!!!! if you own a 2003 or an older year and are having leaking issues, go get them fixed!!! This accident could of had fatalities thank goodness that all the driver got was the wits scared out of him....

Now I can but only wait, make payments on a car I don't have and see what Chrysler is going to do. Anyone who wishes to chat about this I'd love to hear... Carol In Salt Lake City, Utah
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Old 12 Jul 2003, 05:12 pm
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Wow! What a story. Glad nobody was hurt. Bad news that no-ones taking responsibility or talking and that you can't get a loaner car till it's cleared up. Hope it all turns out OK in the end. Good luck.
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Old 12 Jul 2003, 06:56 pm
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WOW!. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Best of luck and I sincerely hope everything gets taken care of for you and turns out for the better in the end.. Good Luck with a swift resolution in hopefully your favor.
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