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Old 16 Jul 2003, 08:52 pm
Young Cruiser
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
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Default Intro

Hi all,

I just picked up my 5 speed loaded silver GT on monday. I have been checking this forum for about a month and have already gained considerable amount of info on our PT GT. I have finally decided to register, so that I can ask specific questions if needed.

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Old 16 Jul 2003, 11:06 pm
Regular Cruiser
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Welcome ......... If you ever coem to the Northwest, let us know !!
Happy Cruisin !! [8D]
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Old 17 Jul 2003, 10:06 pm
Young Cruiser
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Posts: 69

^^ Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

I already have 2 questions for you gearheads.

1. Is the turbo ball bearing type or no?
2. What is the torque setting on our 17" wheel lug nuts. I was putting lock nut on my wheels today and wanted to know the setting. Since I could not find anything on the manual, I call the dealer service find out. They did not know the setting.[:I]
I just torque them to 80 , since I torque my 18" to 90-95 and 15" to 65-70 on my other cars.

Thanks in advance.
03 Silver GT Turbo 5-Speed
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Old 18 Jul 2003, 12:42 pm
Fanatic Cruiser
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Location: Livingston, TX, USA.
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boosta, the service manual recommends 100 ft-lb torque for the wheels on the 2003 PT.

The manual isn't specific about the type of bearing in the turbo:
The turbocharger is cooled by engine coolant. The
coolant is delivered to the turbocharger by a supply
line that connects from engine block to the turbocharger.
A coolant return line connects the turbocharger
to heater tubes.
The turbocharger is lubricated by engine oil that is
pressurized, cooled, and filtered. The oil is delivered
to the turbocharger by a supply line that is tapped
into the cylinder block. The oil travels into the bearing
housing, where it lubricates the shaft and bearings
(Fig. 20). A return pipe at the bottom of the
bearing housing, routes the engine oil back to the
The most common turbocharger failure is bearing
failure related to repeated hot shutdowns with inadequate
“cool-down” periods. A sudden engine shut
down after prolonged operation will result in the
transfer of heat from the turbine section of the turbocharger
to the bearing housing. This causes the oil
to overheat and break down, which causes bearing
and shaft damage the next time the vehicle is


2003 Almond GT AutoStick, body colored rear splash guards and hood struts, chrome gear shift, AC & vent knobs, billet steering wheel spokes and pedals, AMX1397 Turbo-Intake Pipe.
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Old 18 Jul 2003, 12:45 pm
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welcome and enjoy !![8)]
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Old 18 Jul 2003, 06:18 pm
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Location: Toronto.
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always good to see another Canuck on the board...we're gonna try and setup a meet and greet soon. Happy modding...
My Cruiser is slow. I love the law.
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Old 18 Jul 2003, 10:12 pm
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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA.
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boosta...WELCOME! Let's see, you've been reading the forum for about a month and just picked up your GT...hum-m-m wonder how long it will be for the first mod...then the second...then the third.........HA! Happy Cruzin'!
Black Clearcoat 2003 Turbo GT w/gray leather interior...rear splash guards, stainless door sills, air bag decals, red painted brake calipers, BTG duals, AMX cold air intake, Blaine hood struts, ZZcruZr third brake light diffuser, AutoVation pedals, MoMo F16 Evo red gearshift.
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Old 19 Jul 2003, 01:17 am
Young Cruiser
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Posts: 69

Thanks Guys! It is nice to have some knowledgeable people on this board.

Michaelday, thanks for the info on torque setting and turbo.
100 seems bit high but I will take your word for it. After I post that question, I did my own research and found couple other things on our turbo.

1. Turbo, which is also used in Neon SRT-4 is a Mitsubishi TD04 Turbocharger that boost anywhere from 11 to 14 psi. ( I wonder if the boost gauge from srt-4 will work on our GT).
2.Our Turbochager,( Mitsu. TD04 T.charger) is also used in 03 Saab Vector, overseas toyato cars, and whole bunch of other makes with turbo engines. Because I could not find any specific info on "Ball bearing" or " bushing" type charger, I will assume it is a bushing type with water cooled and engine oil lubricated type.
3. Sport Compact Car Magazine dynoed SRT-4 which has same 215 hp rated engine got 223 hp and 250 lb.ft of torque at the wheel. In comparison. their test of a 02 Sentra SE-r rated at 175 hp, put out just 141 hp at the wheel which is normal with 20% power loss from the rated crank hp to the actual wheel hp. Taking into consideration of 20% powertrain hp loss and the fact that the dyno numbers are correct, I get 278 hp for our GT, not rated 215hp. Also, torque # at the wheel, although % of loss at the wheel don't get affected as much as HP #'s seems to be higher than rated 245 Since SCC got at the wheel, I think it is saft to say ... more that 260 or torque.]

As for modding, I already picked up Mopar SS door sills. My first real mod will have to be aftermarket springs since I like my rides to be firm and tight. I am already thinking of Stage 1 kit but since the only condition put on by my wife for buying this car with 5-speed ( my wife can't drive manual) was not to MOD it.... I will have to somehow hounor her wishes for awhile. I guess she got tired of me pumping so much money into my other car ( full custom interior including 2 tone full leather seats and door panels, full custom exhaust piping and SS muffler, full suspension modes, and many exterio and engine mods).

03 Silver GT Turbo 5-Speed
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