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New car contaminents

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Old 22 Jul 2003, 10:09 am
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Default New car contaminents

I had to post this thread because it follows the post about waiting 2 months to seal/protect your car. The lack of education in regard to car care is wide spread, so don't feel isolated if you don't have answers. That's why I like to teach people about it. The last show I was at I was looking at a guy car and asked him what he had on his finish, he told me 3-m polish. I said, ok, what did you use to protect it? he said again 3-m polish. I gave him a 15 minute lecture on what polish odes and DOESN'T DO. The one thing a polish does not do is protect. You must add a wax or sealant on top. (polish is meant to remove fine surface scratches and restore lost shine) it offers NO protection. Now, what do you think the number one contaminent is the effects most new cars? RAIL DUST. when your new car is shipped from the factory on a train, the friction between the steel wheels against the steel tracks breaks up tiny metal fibers they float into the air, and land on your brand new car. the only way to remove them is with a clay bar. It is most noticable on a white car. (if you have a white cruiser, look closely on your finish) they appear to look like small dots of rust. they can effect a small portion of the car, to almost the entire surface. I have witnessed many cars where the dealer paint sealed the rail dust INTO the finish, making it more difficult to remove. That another reason I don't like dealers to paint seal, they don';t do the prep work. (plus they charge $400-800)[xx(] So next time you are washing your car, look for rail dust, if you don't see any, consider yourself lucky for having your car shipped on the top tier. If you have questions on how to remove rail dust, get me through my web site for detailed instructions, I will help you get it out, and save you $$$$ from having to go somewhere , happy detailing![?]
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Old 23 Jul 2003, 12:14 am
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What do you think of Zymol car wash?
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Old 23 Jul 2003, 08:07 am
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Gary, how do you explain what Zaino says about their polish being a protectant? ...

"ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish is very durable.* If you're using the Zaino Show Car Polish system primarily for protection, a single coat will protect your car for up to six months.* Two or three coats of ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish will give your car up to 9 months of lasting, durable protection.

For the best protection possible, we recommend sealing your car with ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish twice a year.*"


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Old 23 Jul 2003, 09:51 am
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Jody, that's another chapter in the "how to confuse the public on car care". I have had this discussion with Sal (the owner, and presidant) of Zaino recently about this exact question. He calls his product a "polish" because he is trying to separate his Miracle protectant from all others. He says it is NOT made of a synthetic or polymer, so he won't call it a sealant. It doesn't claim it to be a wax either. So he uses the term "polish" which everyone knows in the industry has no protection, to describe his product. This (plus a few more reasons) is why I don't use it. When people use terms in an industry just to satisfy their means, and by doing so, confuses the public (like what is going on here) I get off the band wagon. I don't want to go head to head with Zaino fans, I know they are lirking everywhere. I don't even want people to change what they are using if they are satisfied. My focus is education, and in doing so, I sell a few High Quality items, at prices that are a value. I think I will leave this end here, before I get carried away. e mail me in private if you want to know the other reason I won't use Zaino anymore. Your question on this matter was a good one to bring up. Gary> p.s. Brock, where did you get Zaino car wash for $2.99 a gallon?
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