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What to look for in a buffer?

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Old 08 Sep 2003, 12:57 pm
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Default What to look for in a buffer?

I'm wondering what I should look for in a buffer for waxing and polishing? I know random orbital but thats about as far as my knowledge goes.

For example Wally World had a $20 unit that was random orbital but should I trust my beloved GT to a $20 unit from Walmart?

What should I look?
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Old 08 Sep 2003, 01:19 pm
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You should check out this site,

This guy is a regular poster here on this forum and is highly regarded for finish, he will answer any questions you have.

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Old 08 Sep 2003, 01:38 pm
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You won't find professionals using a random orbital for buffing paint, they all use a variable speed rotary buffers.

My father inlaw gave me a Black & Decker random orbital, I do not find it of anymore use than doing it by hand and it makes more of a mess. When I took an adult education body shop class at the local trade school they had DeWalt polisher buffers. The instructor told me they stood up to the abuse of the kids in the school. That was good enough for me and that is what I use now.

I spent a few bucks extra to get a velco mounting disk and the good 3M pads from the local auto body supply house. I also use 3M polish and glaze from the body shop supply house.

For routine cleaning and waxing I do it by hand using Mothers cleaner/wax.
Dave Clement
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Old 08 Sep 2003, 08:13 pm
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Here is a great detailing forum, they have had a lot about buffers lately.

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Old 09 Sep 2003, 10:04 am
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Someone rang by bell, what I will say might not rest well with dgc but here are the facts. The old style random buffer (like the sears version) yes is outdated. The new and improved version is called a DAPC or Dual Action Portal Cable buffer. This a widely used by professionals and is more popular than any other buffer. (in the detailing part of the biz that is,in body shops, DGC is correct) The high speed rotary creates heats to cut through the finish, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Body shops will use this machine exclusively because of the nature of what they are doing. Sanding and leveling paint. In my business I use high speeds only when needed. The clear coat is less than 2 mils thick, everytime you put a high speed on it, you are thinning the clear. The DAPC is the best machine on the market, and it is used to apply polish, paint cleaners, sealants, and even wax. It won't harm the paint, and it is the ticket to a great shine and finish. I will post some pics of a 500S Mercedes I detailed yesterday with this machine and it will blow you away. Remember,the high speed is NOT for every day detail, you will soon need a new piant job if you do. I seriously hope someone is not doing that to their car. as far cleaner wax goes, the first word "cleaner" means their is more abrasives in it than protection. I use CWax only under the hood area and around the trunk. It will remove the "GOOD" stuff you have on your car. example if you put a paint seal or high end wax on your car last week, then followed up with cleaner Cwax, you took off the previous coat, leaving your finish with less protection. I have a section on the forum home page with more info on buffers, check it out, if you have any more questions contact me through my web site, cheers> gary
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Old 09 Sep 2003, 01:32 pm
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Here's a link for Coastal Tool, they have a good price on the Dual Action Portal Cable buffer.
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Old 09 Sep 2003, 07:02 pm
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Porter-Cable (Portal-Cable) is the name brand of a major manufacturer of electrical hand tools including RO (random orbital) polishers. ROs may also be referred to as DAs (dual action). In these the pad rotates using two centers. One center is fixed with the second center rotating around the fixed one. The pad spins at random speed on the rotating center. Since the center is rotating, any point on the spinning pad has a random orbit. The use of two centers creates "dual action".
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Old 09 Sep 2003, 09:09 pm
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I use a RO when I do a large section of car. But I just use it to take off the initial haze of the wax. I don't let it do much more than that. I then finish it by hand with my diapers (well not MY diaper). I need to get some more micro fiber towels so I can retire the diapers.
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