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...working at the Car Wash...

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Old 10 Sep 2003, 07:21 pm
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Default ...working at the Car Wash...

I gave in to temptation today and went through a car wash with brushes.

Up until now, only No-Touch car washes, or my own elbow grease had ever touched the finish. But the operator assured me that only "T-Shirt" brushes were used, and both interrior and exterrior was only $10.99.

As soon as I left I pulled into a grocery store parking lot to look it over and...ARGHHHHH!!! Chips and Scratches where only a little dirt had been!

What can be done to repair it now?

WARNING! Avoid all car washes with brushes!! Don't give in to temptation!
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Old 10 Sep 2003, 08:54 pm
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Better give Gary (Turbomangt) a call!
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Old 10 Sep 2003, 09:05 pm
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I know a guy who got a huge scracth from a brush type car wash, they checked it out and their was a stone embedded in one of the rags/brush's

on the reverse of his carwash ticket it said they are not responsible for ANY damaga, he is going to court.

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Old 10 Sep 2003, 09:23 pm
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let us learn from our brother's misfortune... sorry 'bout that
ptcruizerman daniel
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Old 10 Sep 2003, 09:41 pm
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Sorry to hear of your problem. I'm sure Gary turbomangt can give you some good advice on the best way to make repairs to your car's finish. Good luck.
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Old 11 Sep 2003, 12:17 pm
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here in staten island there is a hand car wash place every two or three blocks they wash the whole outside, rims, wheel wells, outside windows for 10.00, no brushs
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Old 11 Sep 2003, 12:32 pm
Cool Cruiser
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I succumbed to the urge a couple months ago and took my car through a car wash I used to work at back in the early 90's. The second it came out of the wash I could see scratches all over the hood that had not been there on the way in. I was so dismayed.

I will be the only one to wash my car from now on. If I could just get rid of the scratches . . .
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Old 11 Sep 2003, 01:53 pm
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There's a hand car wash here in Chicago where I take my PT in the winter to get it washed, and they do a great job, interior and exterior for $11, $9 Mon. to Thur. before 10am. I've gone there several times, and not a scratch. However I would never EVER send my baby through an automatic car wash w/ brushes.
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Old 11 Sep 2003, 02:08 pm
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As much as I often criticize automatic car washes (I used to work part at one under cover before I open my business just to see what goes on there) I don't think they would produce a chip, scratches I can understand. For that reason alone you are best going to a touchless wash if you can't get a hand wash. Depending on how severe the swirls are, they usually can be corrected with the correct products, and procedure. As far as your chips go, look on the PTCruiserLinks home page and click on detail tips. scoll down and see what advice on I posted on paint chips. I also saw on another forum a paint pen, which is somewhat new, I have not tried that method as of yet. (maybe someone can post on the pen?) I sell a paint cleaner that will remove fine surface scratches easily. If after reading those two links, you have more questions, e mail me through my web site and I will respond to you personally. Gary
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Old 11 Sep 2003, 05:25 pm
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sorry to hear about the damage to your finish, if i can't wash it at home, i go to the hand wash, even then you can end up with scratches, maybe a spray wash would work?[xx(]

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