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The Horror...The Horror...The Horror...

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Old 18 Sep 2003, 07:31 pm
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Location: Germantown, Maryland, USA.
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Default The Horror...The Horror...The Horror...

I live in Maryland, where, as I write this, Hurricane Isabel lashes the region. As I watch the TV and see the newsdogs standing in the punishing winds and rains in the area, the cameraman pans over to a sight that chilled my bones. Some power lines have fallen and landed on a parked vehicle in northeast D.C. The car is in flames and all the paint and burned away, the flames eating at raw metal. The cameraman zooms in and I see...that it's a PT Cruiser!! It's totally destroyed!! The horror...the horror...the horror...
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Old 18 Sep 2003, 10:43 pm
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I live in North Carolina and Isabel took our power out for about four hours. Fortunately, we had a really bad ice storm a while back and the trees got a stress test then - so we were fortunate not to lose any more of them this time. ZZ spent most of the day in the garage... away from flying debris and falling powerlines. We were very blessed here.
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Old 19 Sep 2003, 11:14 am
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glad you both are ok, here in new york we had a little rain but alot of wind!!
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Old 19 Sep 2003, 11:42 am
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I was a survivor of Hurricane David in Coco Beach Fl, seems like a thousand years ago. Isabel is a lot more pissed off than David was, I don't envy your situation. Keep safe!
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Old 20 Sep 2003, 12:34 am
Regular Cruiser
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: palm bay, fl, USA.
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fla here... and we got nothing... no wind or rain from the storm... infact they said we had nicer weather because it passed us by... go figure...
daniel dcruizer
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Old 20 Sep 2003, 08:17 am
Young Cruiser
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Southeast PA here... we survied. Lost electric, phones, cable for about 12 hours. About 6 trees in my yard came down (luckly in my wooded area). The GT Cruzr was snug as a bug in the garage. Now she is ready to come out and play :-)
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Old 21 Sep 2003, 09:59 am
Young Cruiser
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA.
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Hey guys & gals!

I'm sorry to hear you all are suffering from the hurricane, but I got you all beat by a mile. My family and I went through 2 typhoons last year, the eye passed over our apartment both times. One was 135 mph, and the second was 186 mph! For the second one, we had no power, water, telephone, or gasoline for 6 weeks! We lived on the otherwise beautiful tropical island of Guam, and after that we moved to Santa Cruz, USA. My husband was in 10 typhoons out there, and there was one out there that was 236 mph! Each time, there were cars piled on top of each other all over, luckily all the PTs on the island were hidden away in underground hotel parking. We're sure glad to be away from that weather.

I hope you all will be safe from the hurricane, but remember, it could be worse, believe me!

One good thing, after the storm, the dealers have good sales for the new cars that got a hit from the typhoon. You might get a good deal on a new PT that needs just a little work!

Happy Cruisin'

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Old 21 Sep 2003, 10:35 pm
Obsessed Cruiser
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Maryland here (but usually Florida) I just traveled 900 miles to visit the grandkids and get hit by ISABEL. We lost power 1:00am Friday morning for almost three days here in Owings Mills. Couldn't take it any longer and moved into a motel Saturday night and the power was finally restored this (Sunday) afternoon. Lost everything in the fridge and freezer. Trees down all over the place. No flooding.
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Old 22 Sep 2003, 06:20 am
Cool Cruiser
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Location: Reisterstown, MD, USA.
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We got lucky in Reisterstown, we lost power for 27hrs, makes me think the $1100 we paid for the generator from the Home Depot was a good deal, we were able to keep the fridge, freezer, sump pump, and marine tank powered up, even ran neighbors freezer going. I think it is time to put a transfer switch in and eliminate the cords.
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