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Rude Surprise

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Old 28 Sep 2003, 12:44 pm
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Default Rude Surprise

This morning I went to go to Tim Horton's for my morning coffee and I noticed something dark on the ground it was my drivers window.

My Cruiser was broken into last night thiefing bastards stole my dvd head unit left the amps and the over head video screen but totally destroyed the console and the drivers seat.

I feel really sick about the entire mess. To top it off the police would not drive out there was tons of evidense all over including blood.

Damage that I can see for
Drivers Window Gone
Pioneer DVD - Gone
Console Broken
all electrical wiring in console cut
Drivers heater broken
muddy footprints and blood every where
majour electrical problems

The other odd thing they broke into my Suzuki and stole my insurance card and an old registration on both cars.
They also stole two of three remote controls but left a Nikon F4 which was on the floor.

I feel totally numb[xx(]
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Old 28 Sep 2003, 01:19 pm
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Sick, sick, sick!! We can only hope that they will bleed to death.

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Old 28 Sep 2003, 01:25 pm
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That really bites. Sounds like an armature but with blood around the place, it sounds like he knew enough not to open the door to set off the alarm but the broken window should have made some noise. Why wouldn't the local cops come out? I'm pretty sure you need their report to make an insurance claim. Make some inquires yourself to see if any of the neighbors heard or saw anything. Sorry.
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Old 28 Sep 2003, 02:57 pm
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sorry to hear about your loss... they broke into both cars on the same nite? why wouldn't the cops come? that doesn't sound right!!! I agree with crewzin' i would check with your other neighbors... if they stole your old regs. they might be trying to pull off some scam with there ins. co.
hope it's all covered under your ins...good luck and I hope they catch them
ptcruizerman daniel
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Old 28 Sep 2003, 07:28 pm
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I had a nice system installed in an old car of mine (the system was worth more then the car), it got broken into on a monthly basis, alarm and all onetime.

the ppeps got nabbed 6 months later, when the cops stacked out the parking lot.

p.s. my insurance company refused to payout anymore stereo claims.
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Old 29 Sep 2003, 02:00 am
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Sorry to hear about your loss.

I am glad that they did not take your F4 though. If only they knew. That is still one of the nicest cameras out there and, depending on the lens you had on it, could command a hefty price on the used gear market
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Old 29 Sep 2003, 02:43 am
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There are very few life-forms lower than the thief.

Best alarm = huge dog.

Hope it works out without too much more pain.

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Old 29 Sep 2003, 10:45 am
Obsessed Cruiser
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dam it!! that sucks !! i hope they get caught and the crap kicked out of them !!
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Old 29 Sep 2003, 05:48 pm
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Sorry to hear about your incident. I know what it feels like to be violated like that. I would start calling some police supervisors, if I were you.
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Old 07 Oct 2003, 11:55 pm
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I would go into a rage and set up motion detector lights with an in home alarm, and motion activated video camera surveilance, then pray they come back, so I could "Take A Bite Out Of Crime!"

I'm really sorry that happend!

(How about an update?)

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