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Towing question

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Old 15 Nov 2003, 08:43 am
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Default Towing question

what can you haul behind one of these PT's ? I found a hitch that is rated at 2000lbs 200 tounge weight.. what does this mean? jet skis and stuff like that or could a boat be pulled or what? I am only used to pulling trailers and stuff with full size v8 trucks..
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Old 15 Nov 2003, 12:06 pm
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According to the manual, the PT can only tow 1000 pounds, BUT, I was told by the dealer, that the 1000 lb rating was with the small hitch that is sold by the dealer for the PT. If a larger/stronger hitch was used then the towing capacity was raised. Saying that, you don't want to tow a cabin cruiser behind your cruiser. Also, the maximum frontal area of the trailer cannot exceed 20 square feet, so don't go pulling your mobil home to your new site. []
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Old 15 Nov 2003, 12:41 pm
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MAN! dang that 1976 double wide was going to be my girlfriend (aunt suzy) new home on that dirt spot beside the city dump... she sure would have been suprised. hahhahaha just kidding....
I was wondering because my dad has a boat that I wanted to know if I could pull but I don't know how heavy it is or anything... olders jet boat.. probably 18ft or so with a small block in it... I have no idea how much tounge weight though.... what do you think??
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Old 15 Nov 2003, 12:46 pm
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The boat's too big. Maybe if it was a 15-16' fiberglass with an outboard it would have a tear-weight of about 1800 pounds, but that boat is too big.I wouldn't be comfortable pulling any tradiational boat larger than some of the new smaller 4-passenger Jet Boats,which are pretty small.

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Old 15 Nov 2003, 12:53 pm
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I knew someone was going to say that... I wish I could pull it ... would look good behind my PT oh well... just means I have to use my dads '03 4x4 Avalanche DARN! k well it was worth a shot... thanks for the input
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Old 15 Nov 2003, 01:11 pm
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You have trailer hitch max weight and vehicle mx towing weight.

The PT is rated for a Class I. The Class I hitch has a 2,000 WT Carrying, 200 Max Tongue weight. The owners manual states max towing weight of 1000 lbs, 100 lbs tounge weight (including the weight of the trailer) regardless of the size of your hitch. Some peeps also say you should include the weight of the passengers and luggage. Let's not forget this is a 3000 lb car with a 4 cyl engine.

You should also take in consideration the braking capibilites and take-off tourque/gearing of your vehicle plus the fact that it is front wheel drive. Too heavy of a tongue weight will take weight off of the front wheels. If you have an automatic,tranny cooling is another factor.

I would stay within the limits listed in the owners manual.

I've heard it is not recommended for the Turbo to tow anything, could someone with a Turbo comment on this?


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Old 16 Nov 2003, 04:26 am
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The owners manual for the turbo states the same 1000 pounds maximum towed weight with 100 pounds of hitch weight as the normal aspirated PT.


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