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New "Frustrated" Update

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Old 20 Nov 2003, 04:02 pm
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Default New "Frustrated" Update

Now they tell me Fed Ex shipped my smoothies to the wrong city and they won't be here until possibly tomorrow. They were ordered September 22. Can you believe it? The name of the company is Autocrafters. I will never buy another thing from this store. I don't know how many stores are in this chain but when I told the person behind the counter how disappointed I was, she smirked and said that they have a good reputation, thinking it was humorous. Whatever happened to customer satisfaction? They keep putting the blame on everyone but themselves. I hope you guys have better luck when you order things for your cruisers.
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 04:12 pm
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Well I won't be ordering from Autocrafters! Thanks for the headsup.

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Old 20 Nov 2003, 05:43 pm
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I'm a big fan of pressing the "customer satisfaction" issue and have more often than not succeeded in making enough noise to get a vendor to eventually do the right thing.

A couple of thoughts....

1) If the clerk in the store gave you that kind of response, go to directly to the manager. Don't waste your time with a clerk. Make sure he/she feels the frustration and ridiculous inconvenience you've endured.

2) Contact Autocrafters directly via their web site and email the general manager. Spill your guts to him and tell him what you want.

3) I would also make both the store manager as well as the Autocrafters general manager aware that you have been discussing this entire episode on a nationally monitored discussion list. It would be to their advantage for you to post a very positive ending to the story.

4) Consider contacting your local Better Business Bureau. Most (sane) businesses do NOT want a complaint registered against them with the BBB. If, after the BBB gets involved and attempts to moderate, you are not satisfied with the results, you have the right to leave the complaint "on file". Not good for a business's reputation. It would behoove them to make you happy.

My $.02
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 05:55 pm
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Location: Durham, North Carolina.
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Good suggestions all.

I am a big proponent of contacting managemen both when I am unhappy and also when I am impressed by good customer service.

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Old 20 Nov 2003, 08:17 pm
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ComP uTer has given you much good advice. IF you still do NOT get satisfaction, continue going up the chain of command. Someone will het there @$$ reamed and possibly lose their job. [xx(] [xx(] [xx(]
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 08:24 pm
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I'm really sorry for your troubles and it DOES help to complain politely, rationally, and in writing. We had success with Sears just today. Once in a while, you can win one from a large company.

Last week, my wife, Dorothy, went to Sears to buy a Christmas tree which was on sale for one day only. Long story short (else I'll have a big rant going here), they sold her a tree they didn't have. She waited forever in package pickup before someone told her they didn't have it. Both the pickup person and the operations manager in package pickup were uncaring, insufferably rude, and basically told her "So go get a refund and buy something else!" Back at the seasonal department, they gave her the refund along with a hard time about getting a raincheck.

I get mad, write a long, but polite letter of complaint to the store manager, including their "In-stock policy" from the bottom of the ad and cc. the president of Sears and their Vice-prez of customer service __by name__ and with the proper address. The upshot - the store manager personally delivered the tree to me at customer service today with an apology - 100% free of charge!!

YES!!!! It feels so good to win!!!!!!! [^]

Hope everything works out for you. Your new look will be worth the wait!
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 08:35 pm
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wow that sux!! i hope they get them tomm!!
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 08:55 pm
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Location: Jacksonville, NC, USA.
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Nova69 and ComPuTer have the right idea, take it to the top.

2002 Inferno Red PT Limited
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 10:01 pm
Cool Cruiser
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sorry to hear about your mis-shipped mayhem.
Im just glad it wasnt me. I have no patience with that type of problem.
I would demand you be credited any shipping charges and that you need 10%
knocked off because of the extended wait....[:I].....or something like that.

next time go with Moss Motors.


My Website is
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Old 21 Nov 2003, 08:43 am
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I agree with the others - use the big club - Here's my story:
Daughter's car needed oil change, so I went to WalMart to dump used oil and buy more oil. "The tank is full", I heard when I asked to dump my used oil - I noticed they were still booking cars for oil changes. I asked to speak to building manager, pointed out they're still booking oil changes, mentioned law about accepting used oil, and got to dump my oil - the tank was nearly empty! I would say 8 out of 10 times I hear the "tank is full" and this time I'd had it. They claim there's a separate tank for customer's oil and that they've had problems with antifreeze or transmission fluid being mixed with the oil. I said, "So? What does that have to do with saying the tank is full?" I think I'll send an email to WalMart corporate.

Customer service isn't practiced by the inept and lazy.
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