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Tire recommendations...

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 02:57 pm
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Default Tire recommendations...

I am fed up with the Goodyear HPs on my cruiser. Goodyear has already replaced them several times, and I think there is no point continuing the agony.

I am looking for recommendations (with good experiences) on tires. I still have the stock 16" wheels on a 2001 Ltd.
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 03:16 pm
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comPuTer, a good place to look for information is
You can find reviews on different brand tires and select the type vehicle, i.e. PT Cruiser, the tires were mounted on.

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 03:23 pm
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Can't say that I blame you. The MediocreYears are econobox-special tires, designed to be sold by the trainfull to automakers and satisfy the beancounters, not enthusiastic drivers.

I switched to Continental 'Extreme Contacts' about 9 months ago. I have approx. 8000 miles on them so far, city/highway/spring summer and winter driving.

The Conti's are a high-performance all-season tire.
Dry road performance is flawless. Good grip, good road feel, and plenty of warning noise before sliding.
Wet weather braking and handling are much better than the stock tires, as is winter grip on snow/ice/hardpack and slush. Last weekend I drove 375 miles through a blizzard, stayed on the road and in control on highways where SUVs were winding up in the ditches.

Advantages: Better grip on wet and dry. Better road feel. Actually can be used in snow. Cool-looking tread pattern.

Disadvantages: Small increase in road noise on some surfaces. Fewer relaxing foot massages from anti-lock brakes when stopping on wet or snowy roads. Dumb name.

Available from TIRE RACK ( at a reasonable price.

Here is where I have posted a lengthier review:
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 03:52 pm
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There is also a Kuhmo that compares to the Conti, just can't remember the name.

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 08:54 pm
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Tires are close to politics or religion in people's feelings.
Tires, like cars are compromises - of wear, ride, and handling. I have always been pleased with Michelins, and like that I can get them at any Sears.
I have over 25,000 miles on the Michelins I put on the P{T when the Badyears went - no appreciable signs of wear - 80,000 mile warranty for a lot less than Badyears.[?]
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Old 23 Dec 2003, 02:44 am
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Yokohama has a new tire out with 500AA rating. One of the highest rating for any tire. I'll be ordering some on Dec.31, 2003.
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Old 23 Dec 2003, 03:01 am
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I've had my car a year and a half, originally equipped with Goodyear tires. Last February an idiot pulled right out in front of me, I had to brake pretty hard, but not an all out pedal to the floor panic stop. I had to replace 3 tires, because all 3 had flat spots on them. As I said, it was a hard stop, but not as bad as some that I've had through my life. I've never had to replace tires from a single incident, never.

The fourth tire? well, that lasted until about 2 months ago. It had plenty of tread on it, but one of it's steel belts was letting loose. The warrenty on it entitled me to a pro rated amount toward a new tire. Well, using Goodyears warrenty formula, I was entitled to 50% toward a new tire, but 50% of THEIR price, which was like $225!!!. Considering that I could buy the same Goodyear tire at a local shop for $94, balanced and mounted, I decided that I'd rather save 10 bucks rather then buy from Goodyear.

I also decided that I'm through with Goodyear....forever...

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Old 23 Dec 2003, 04:56 am
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On our cruiser, we had the stocks for 1 year, Kumho ECSTA Supra 712s for a year, Nitto 450s for a year and just a month or 2 ago I have switched to Pirelli P6000s, their new silica based tire.

From Pirelli's site:
Tire description

P6000 is the choice of the most prestigious car manufacturers. Developed with PASS (Pirelli Active Safety System) technology, P6000 enhances the capability of existing safety systems on modern cars, by improving the performance of the "footprint", actively responding to changing road surfaces and variable operating temperatures.

The "wave" tread pattern design gives a unique fashionable look to the tire which, together with the wide central groove, ensures excellent water expulsion. The silica-based compound not only offers exceptional performance on dry roads, but also maximum grip and safety in the wet.

The comprehensive P6000 size range covers most cars in the medium to high performance segment.

Tread pattern.
"Wave" tread design which incorporates almost continuous tread blocks running from the centre to the shoulder of the tire, separated by water clearing channels.


So far I have been extremely happy with them. I decided on these rather than the Kumho for more longevity. I've had Kumho ECSTA Supra 712s on the PT, my Accord and my Prowler and was extremely happy with them as an ultra high performance tire, but my wife drives the PT daily, and were we looking to get more than 15K miles on them before the next replacements.

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Old 23 Dec 2003, 09:46 am
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The stock Badyears are the second worst tires i have ever seen. The worst were Bridgestones on my 85 Subaru, they lasted 11,000 miles. If Goodyear is going to put it's name on a tire, then they had better understand that the tired performance will affect their reputation. I will never buy another goodyear tire.
I like the Kelly tires....reasonable in price, good performing and long treadwear. I have never had a problem with any Kelly tire i have bought.
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Old 23 Dec 2003, 11:13 pm
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quote:Originally posted by fritz_t_coyote

I switched to Continental 'Extreme Contacts' about 9 months ago. I have approx. 8000 miles on them so far, city/highway/spring summer and winter driving.

The Conti's are a high-performance all-season tire.
Dry road performance is flawless. Good grip, good road feel, and plenty of warning noise before sliding.
Wet weather braking and handling are much better than the stock tires, as is winter grip on snow/ice/hardpack and slush.
I agree wholeheartedly. We've got them on both of our Cruisers now and I love 'em to death!! The wet weather handling and resistance to hydroplaning are superb!

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