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Old 24 Jun 2004, 06:14 am
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Default Help!!!

Where to start? The other day my beloved Honda Accord (250,000 miles) was rear ended and my insurance company decided to write the car off. The car was in great shape and was definately not ready to be sent to the junk yard.

Ever since then, I have been racking my brain and pulling out my hair trying to come up with a car that I would be happy with. Today I saw and drove a 2003 PT Cruiser. I believe it was a Limited. Very nice. I liked it and could see myself driving one.

This leads to me ask you guys - the PT pro's - what I need to be looking for while searching for a good 2002 or 2003 PT. Are there any things that I should be concerned about or maybe problem areas to look for?

Another thing I wanted to ask... I noticed when driving the car that it was a little sloppy or loose with regards to steering. I have been used to variable power assist which tightens up when the car goes faster. Is there anything that can be done with the PT to make it tighter? Also, I have read a number of things with regards to the fuel economy. Mostly from peole in Canada (like myself) complaining. I live in Vancouver and it never gets too cold, but are there any fixes to improve fuel usage?

Does the warranty become void when making all sorts of modifications? Has anyone experienced common repairs that I should expect to happen to any PT that I purchase?

I also noticed that the interior is just okay. I checked out all the otions to enhance the dash and the general look, but what do people do about the seats? Replace them or put nice covers on them?

Thanks very much guys. Any help would be much appreciated.

Nathan in Vancouver
Dreaming of a PT - Black or dark grey - Nice wheels - performance exhast...etc.

*Here's a dilemna for you... Do I get automatic so my girlfriend is able to drive it, or do I say screw her and get standard?! Does the manual provide better performance?
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Old 24 Jun 2004, 07:37 am
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quote:Originally posted by United Nathan

*Here's a dilemna for you... Do I get automatic so my girlfriend is able to drive it, or do I say screw her and get standard?! Does the manual provide better performance?
Welcome to the forum.. If you do get the Cruiser you'll enjoy it here. Tons of info and lots of very helpful people. Now, as far as you girlfriend goes, if you do it to her will you be able to do it to her. That is the dilema!

As far as your other questions, others here will give you answers shortly but if your in a hurry, go to the top right of the page and you'll see search. Type in what your searching for and you'll get plenty to read. Some searches give better results than others. Enjoy, got to go to work now, maybe I'll see KingKole walking on the side of the road.
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Old 24 Jun 2004, 07:47 am
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What to watch out for - you don't say how many miles on the 2003...
Spark plugs and wires go as soon as 20,000 miles - replace them with Champion platinums and aftermarket wires (Crane or magnecore) and you can forget 'em. Stock brake pads and rotors are also soft - get ceramic pads (Raybestos or NAPA) and the best NAPA rotors, and again, you're good.
A strut bar (any except APC) will tighten steering nicely. Also have bushings checked - there have been some failures - replace with urethane (booger bushings). If it's an auto, change fluid & filter at about 50,000 - be sure to use ATF 4 or 5.
That's about it. The stick will give better mileage and performance, and has been reliable (no ridiculous clutch failures). An aftermarket air intake (K&N FIPK is the best) will give a little more pep and mileage (IF you can keep your foot out of the gas to hear intake roar).
IF you're looking at a Limited, it has leather seats, and that should look nice enough. Look at some of the member's galleries here for more ideas.
And WELCOME to the Forums.
BTW - I have nearly 75,000 on my '02.
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'05 Limited Turbo Lite, (Silver, of course)4-wheel ABS, Sunroof, Spoiler. Mods: E&G Classic grill, K&N FIPK, BTG duals, rear lowered 1.5", LED washer lights, $20 catch can, Aoogah horn, Weatherflectors, Sunroof Deflector, Fuzzy Dice, rear logo flames, rear pinstripe graphic, Gen3 Taillights, rear sway bar, hood struts, Strut bar.
Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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