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The "LOOK"

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Old 25 Jun 2004, 02:52 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Default The "LOOK"

I've noticed something recently. The Chrysler PT Cruiser has been around for almost 5 years now, but it still gets noticed on the road. I have a "plain Jane" model, I.E., no major exterior mods, but I've seen people as I pass them glance at my car. I call it the LOOK. They LOOK from the sidewalk, at the park or on the street. I love the guy with the flashy mustang or the super truck give a little "peak", LOOKing while not LOOKing like they're LOOKing. That puts a smile on my face. It's one of my main incentives to keep my car shiney and clean. Whenever I get the LOOK, I want my car to be at her best. The media says that the PT is no longer trendy, but then why do I still get the LOOK? Has anyone else noticed this? Lets' hear about your LOOKs.

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Old 25 Jun 2004, 03:18 pm
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Yes I get the same look and comments from people everywhere I go, Most are good but have one person that told me it was the ugliest F***** thing they ever saw...I just told them I bought it for me not them
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 03:23 pm
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I will notice people walk up to my car and look at it while it's sitting in the parking lot. I've also had people speed up next to me, slow down, speed up, slow down, to get a good look at it. I get the occasional thumbs up when passing somebody too.
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 03:28 pm
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Once in a while i'll get a wave from another PT owner. otherwise i do get the "look" as i drive it.
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 03:53 pm
Fresh Cruiser
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Location: san pedro, ca, USA.
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That is probably my favorite part of owning a PT. No matter where I go PT owners always wave at eachother. I love that! We try and park next to eachother in parking lots, try to stick together on freeways, and always take a minute to stop and check one out we see parked somewhere! I will never get rid of my PT, although I wouldn't mind having 2!!!

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Old 25 Jun 2004, 04:02 pm
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I've seen people give the PT the look and I look at othe PT's. I even found myself admiring a red PT GT like a store window. It was me!![^]
Inferno Red \'04 GT Autostick, Stage I, BTG exhaust, Airforce One intake, V.A.K. Candy Red upper charge pipe, BTG strut bar,Hyperground, chrome side spears and grill accents.
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 04:20 pm
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I have noticed that too. I think my father said a similar thing happens to Harley Riders and Jeep Drivers. I am the same why. I think mine gets a lot of looks cause of the chromed out wheels and trim. You cannot beat the look you get. I think it comes a lot from the "stance" that the car has. I mean it sits kinda aggressively on the road, if you know what I mean, especially if you have the Limited Edition with some nicer tires... I love getting the wave. Not a lot of people my age in my town that drive them, mainly people over 40, but thats ok! They all seem to wave and it never fails me about 2 out of every 3 trips I make to the mall, I have another one parked beside me. What makes me smile though is when mine is cleaner than theirs
About to start work on modding my car and making it look even better than it already is!
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 04:21 pm
Dedicated Cruiser
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quote:Originally posted by PT-ERA
...The Chrysler PT Cruiser has been around for almost 5 years now, but it still gets noticed on the road. I have a "plain Jane" model, I.E., no major exterior mods, but I've seen people as I pass them glance at my car. I call it the LOOK. They LOOK from the sidewalk, at the park or on the street...
When it comes to the PT Cruiser I don't think there is a "plain Jane model" as they [u]ALL LOOK VERY SHARP</u> [^] "right out of the box" and get that special LOOK!!!

But then again there are some PTs that may get longer looks than others--like the $70,000 gold-enhanced PT pictured below ($20K gold-plating is under the hood)...[] [8D]
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 04:51 pm
Regular Cruiser
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I've only gotten two waves in the year I have owned my PT. Most owners are older and probably unaware of the PT community.
I owned a Jeep Wrangler before my PT and I can tell you almost EVERY Jeep I would pass would give a wave. The "Jeep Wave" is pretty much known by every Jeep owner. It's a Jeep thing, as they say.
The PT community needs to catch up a little bit to rival the Jeep and Harley owners. Not sure if it will ever get there, but when you do get a wave, at least you know that other person is "in the loop".
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 05:30 pm
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I used to wave but most of the time just got a blank stare back. Oh well, that is Southern California.
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