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Crunch !!!!

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Old 27 Jun 2004, 03:05 am
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Default Crunch !!!!

Hi gang,
I know this has happened to many of you but it feels different in the first person...[:0] Today my wife and I were on our way back from a car show, stopped for a stalled truck, and CRUNCH !!, a woman going about 30 mph rammed us from behind and knocked us a few feet into the car in front of us. The back end was pretty well crunched as was the front, coolant was coming out from under the car, so it was undrivable even if I thought I might try it.
My wife went bonkers, it's her car, black 03 limited 5 speed, Eibachs, Borla duals, grill, shorty antenna...etc. I had to tell her that it's just metal, glass and plastic and all that can be fixed... thankfully no one was seriously injured, although my wife and the other woman, that hit us, were taken away in aid cars to the hospital for minor injuries.
We won't know unill the first of the week about repairs untill the insurance people start. In fact I don't know if the woman that caused all of this even had insurance. She wouldn't give me any information at all. I did call the police and the officer talked to her before the aid car took her away. He gave me a case #, his card and told me to have my insurance people call him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Thank's for letting me get this out,it helped me to lower my blood pressure a little.[B)]
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Old 27 Jun 2004, 03:13 am
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You're right about what you told your wife - it's only metal and the people are all OK. In my experience, it's easier to be upset about that metal when you know you're OK!

Sorry to hear about the wreck, especially with it being both ends of the car. More so, I'm happy you guys are OK and, hopefully, insurance will take care of things for you. Best of luck with it!
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Old 27 Jun 2004, 06:43 am
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What is going on here lately, PT genecide? [:I] Glad to here you all are ok, with as many of these stories as we have had lately, it seems the PT protects its passengers pretty well.
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Old 27 Jun 2004, 09:50 am
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Hey KMB60, I know what you're going thru, killed my cruiser last year. PT's are the best, came out of my wreck with just sore ribs from the airbag/shoulder strap. The insurrance co.s will work everything out,though it may take some time and patience on your part. Main thing is that everybody involved was not hurt too much beyound being a little shaken up. Keep on Cruising [?]
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Old 27 Jun 2004, 10:50 am
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Glad everyone is okay, Easy so say but it's only metal

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Old 28 Jun 2004, 08:31 am
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Bummer. Glad you & spouse are okay. I just got mine back from a deer collision, so I know how you feel. (The deer had no insurance...)
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Old 28 Jun 2004, 08:45 am
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That sucks, Hope everything works out OK.Glad no one was
hurt to bad.
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Old 29 Jun 2004, 12:42 am
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Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad injuries were only minor, tell the wife get well soon for us. It makes it hard when the person in front of you won't fess up. She has made a statment already by not helping and that raises a red flag for insurance. My wife calls those road hazards. Good thing for insurance, not everybody plays fair, let your agent take care of that for you.
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Old 29 Jun 2004, 06:52 pm
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Tiz the summer to have an accident. Falla la.

I too got into an accident mine also was undrivable from the seen and caused me to push it up a 4-1 incline into a parking lot.

Seems like people aren't watching was going on in front or around them.

My accident was my fault but not caused by me. If the car two cars in front of me was paying attention and driving like he should then I would not have hit the car in front when they both abruptly stopped.

Glad to hear your ok and hope the body shop you take it too can get parts quick and fix it soon. I don't understanding why you were unable to get the info from that lady. At least your police officer didn't keep you waiting for 2 hours. How bad was your wife hurt? Minor cuts and scratches?
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Old 29 Jun 2004, 09:50 pm
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Sorry to hear about the "Crundh".[xx(] Glad that there was no serious injuries from it.
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