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Seeking Advise regarding purchase of PT

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Old 14 Aug 2007, 05:15 pm
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Default Seeking Advise regarding purchase of PT


Hi! I would like to purchase a GT but understand the new 08's will not ioffer it as well the color yellow will not be offered. Sounds like I willl have to find an 07?
Any reason why they are discontinuing the GT? I would like to get a car that has some pep. What is the difference between the GT and turbo? I'm not a "car" person but we like cars with personality and we have always wanted a PT Cruiser. We have been owners of VW Beetles, Right now we have a Mercedes Station Wagon and are trading in our Jeep Liberty (when it came out it was distinct) We live in N.E. and so a convertible isn't really a good choice for us due to winter driving. But ten again maybe it is o.k.? Has anyone driven a convertible PT in N.E. and can tell me what it's like? Cloth roofs aren't the best insulation?
Recently test drove a touring and it had this horrible grindki g noise coming from the engine to me. Not sure what that was about?
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Old 14 Aug 2007, 08:08 pm
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Default Re: Seeking Advise regarding purchase of PT

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you got ahold of bad one with that Touring Edition cruiser, they aren't supposed to sound like that.

I think we were all surprised to learn of the last PT coming off the lines in 08 and that Chrysler isn't offering a Turbo model. Don't think anyone on the forums knows why, at least what I've been reading.

The yellow was only for one year because it was a special edition called the Route 66 Edition. Each year Chrysler came out with at least one special edition that ran only that particular year.

When your looking for a Turbo, there's two to look out for. The GT has the higher output version of the turbo putting out about 220hp, whereas the Turbo Lite is detuned to run on regular gas and is putting out 180hp, still 30hp up from the non-turbo.

You can also upgrade the Turbo Lite package with Chrysler's Stage 1 package to bump the hp up to where the high output version is.

Should be plenty of them out there either as a new leftover 07 or a used cruiser.
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Old 16 Aug 2007, 07:08 am
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Default Re: Seeking Advise regarding purchase of PT

I had my 05 GT vert over last winter and drove it everyday. I am in NJ and in mid jan last year the bottom dropped out on the temps. I have to say there was no noticeable difference to me b/t a hard top and a cloth one. You don't have to run the heat any higher than you would in a hardtop. I would say you will perceive a difference on cold, windy days but not enough to be uncomfortable. It also handled OK in the snow (wouldn't say great but I am biased as my previous car was a Saabaru 92x).

Something to think about- I've heard that there are many 05 GTs (and evidently some are verts) still avail. as new cars. There was a post here last night from someone who bought a brand new 05 GT vert for $18K. IMHO the front end looks better on the 05 than the 06/07's. Sorry, don't remember the thread but search for it and PM that person. Also 05 GT's came stock with larger tires (at least on the vert) 215/50/17 instead of 205/##/16. It seems this was the only car and year these were offered. IMHO look for an 05 GT vert first and put some of the diff. into some of the performance tweaks that are readily avail for the cruiser and take a fall foliage vaca (in the cruiser vert of course) with the rest.
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Old 16 Aug 2007, 07:14 am
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Join Date: May 2007
Location: North Jersey
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Default Re: Seeking Advise regarding purchase of PT

Here's the post by tpsfoto on the 05 he just bought. PM him. Seems he spends at least some time on Long Island according to his profile so he is also in the NE.

Did I make the right deal? 2005 GT Conv


This is my first post here....I was the owner of a 2003 Dream Cruiser (Gold one) sold it in 2007....but I am back....just bought from a dealer a New 2005....yes new never sold....GT turbo purple convertible....leather , Navigation, heated seats 17" chrome wheels & all of the toys included.....$18,000.00 Was this the right choice?....they did have an 07 baseline. conv....with the spring special for $20,700...
Should I look out for any problems in the 2005 model?
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