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Old 10 Oct 2007, 11:53 pm
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Default Carfax...reputable?

The dealership where I got my 2006 TE won't pull up the service record, citing privacy (?!?!) so, I'm wondering if using Carfax might be the the way to go.

Anyone had good or bad experience with it?
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Old 11 Oct 2007, 07:14 am
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

CarFax is a good way to see the history ....but it will not show small service will show inspections, accidents, & floods.....a dealer that won't pull this up is hiding something.....they all do it even if you are just looking to is about $15.00.....
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Old 15 Oct 2007, 07:59 am
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

Agree w/TPSfoto. "privacy"????? We're not talking medical records.
Run from that dealer and tell them why.
Carfax is good, but not all shops belong, so it's possible not everything gets recorded.
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Old 19 Mar 2008, 01:20 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

CarFax on my PT shows dealer service records, no real detail but it show the date, mileage and the dealer info such as name, phone number and website.

(Personally I was surprised as I never seen such on a Carfax report before)

What I see is the prev owner, I haven't used the dealer for normal service issues so there aren't any current records on mine but that little fact made the difference when I was shopping for a PT for my wife; the single owner PT I bought in 2004 had been in the service department at least every 10,000 miles since it was brand new off the lot.

How that service info got into the Carfax report I have no idea.
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Old 19 Mar 2008, 03:59 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

It may be a place to start, but won't take the place of a good third party inspection. Along with only showing info if a service facility reports it, it could also be tainted something as small as 1 digit being off in an accident report. I'm not sure if accidents that happen while on the dealers lot are all reported either.
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Old 19 Mar 2008, 04:47 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

Sorry Guys, I just can't let "Car Fax is good", go by. I paid my $30 back in 05 when I bought my used 200r4 GT with 20k miles on it.

The car looked great, finish was perfect, nothing wrong with the car at all. Car Fax listed some info, when, where registered, a few maintenance work stops at the dealer etc. And absolutely, positively no accidents!! They would even guarantee it (for a fee, of course).

So I bought the car. After a week or so, I wanted to get the paint code and was interested in seeing the build date of the car, info that is on the sticker inside the drivers door jam. No sticker to be found!!! A mechanic friend pointed out that the bolts that bolt the door to the hinges had paint chipped off them. Obviously the door had been replaced.

Then a few months later, we were in a serious wreck on the interstate, rear-ended while stopped in a traffic jam. Front bumper and rear bumper, hatch and fenders were damaged. A month in the shop and it was fixed. But the mechanic who fixed the car, asked me what had happened to the car before---there were signs of obvious repair work(don't worry, he said, it's good work!).

So, Car fax didn't have the "facts" right about my car. The car seems fine, but I never would have bought it knowing the true facts about it. Save your money for a real mechanics inspection.

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Old 19 Mar 2008, 05:25 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

Oh don't get me wrong, Carfax is just another tool when shopping for used cars.

I don't know how many sellers I have busted claiming "2nd owner" or orginal owner type stuff.

My comment was that my car was the first time I had seen dealer service records on a carfax report. My PT has been fine up to now but it was a good car when I bought it and I did get a good deal on it, the Carfax report just helped me make a better choice not that I depended on it solely.
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Old 19 Mar 2008, 07:00 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

Yes, it IS just another tool but can be a helpful one. One of the PTs I was looking at turned up to have been a rental car in Arizona. No way I would buy that--people treat rentals like crap., And indeed, it had some sort of front-end problem (tires were wearing weirdly and the car pulled to the right) and the AC only blew hot air. Fixable, probably, but maybe wasnt maintained well, or someone drove it off road or something. I like knowing the history of my car (the one I bought was a lease car, also in AZ, and when it came off the lease, was auctioned and this dealer bought it. No rentals on this one at least!)

As for accidents, I know that I had repaired a small dent on my (later-totalled) 2005 PT and that might not have gone on any sort of record as I paid for it and no insurance was involved. But it also was not the kind of dent that would have made a difference to the quality of the car. There was no structural damage, in other words.

Obviously, the recent total should have gone on the record. Even if the car is ever fixed by someone, it should have a clear record as a salvage car.
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Old 19 Mar 2008, 09:25 pm
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

IMO, Carfax is useless. It will basicly just show you when and by whom the car was titled, if it was ever sold by insurance company as a total loss for flodd or accident, and if it's passed or failed any emissions. Not going to show you anything worthwhile 99% of the time.
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Old 20 Mar 2008, 12:09 am
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Default Re: Carfax...reputable?

I have had a similar bad experience with not the carfax I bought my pt and knew that it had been in an accident but I wanted to know if it had a tatooed title so I got a carfax report and it came up clean.

The damage was very minor and I saw it through the whole process all chrystler parts and all cosmetic My wife's cousin is the body shop manager at the local dealership. I did an alignment for the body shop on this car when it was being fixed and told Al if he ever saw one go cheap to let me know and the guy traded it in 2 years later to the dealer so I bought it.

So I have the car for around a month and it is about the end of my month subscription. now the damage is over 2 years old. I run the car again just for the hell of it and it comes up with an accident 2 years old with mutiple impact points.

That really pissed me off!!! I bought this car knowing that I was only going to keep it for a short while and resell it. Just wanted to try a used cruiser for a short while before making the purchase on a new one.

Now it sounds like a totaled out car with mutiple impact points. they replaced both bumper covers and the headlight. it didnt even hurt the bumper cushin.

the not so carfax makes it sound like it was a major wreck. the only saving grace is I have pics of the damage and the repairs as it was being done. The body shop keeps realy good digital records of there work.
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